Visit from Barbara B. – Wed. Jan. 20, 2016

About noon (when I was at bridge) Clark heard a knock on the door. It was Barbara B, the wonderful hospice volunteer who came to stay with Erin every week for 4+ hours when Erin was on hospice from Jan. – Sept. 2012. Barbara lives just down the street, and had been wondering if Erin still lived in Davis.

Clark talked to Barb for a while, then Erin came out and joined them and talked animatedly for over a half hour. I guess Erin wore herself out, because she and Clark were supposed to go to lunch, then to Trader Joe’s and to CVS. After lunch at Panera, Erin wanted to skip Trader Joe’s (a favorite place for her to shop) and they just picked up a few things at CVS and came home.

This was the first time that Erin had been out of the house in the 3 weeks since they boys left. Erin had been feeling very low and rarely left her room. She had not gone out with Colleen when Colleen was here for a week to stay with Erin earlier in the month. But, for the last 3 days Erin has been quite perky.


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