Erin Clark Patricia: Happy New Year! – Fri. Jan. 1, 2015

Erin, Clark, and my sister Patricia are pictured before dinner tonight. At dinner we toasted in the new year with wine, beer, and water.

Patricia arrived from Denver 25 minutes early yesterday morning, in plenty of time to get to the 11 am bridge game. Then brother Bob joined us to play with Patricia, while I played with Clark, at the New Year’s Eve gala bridge game in Shingle Springs. The game was preceded by a free lasagne dinner. Patricia and Bob came in 2nd of 10 E-W pairs with a 62% game. Bob tries to keep the bidding simple, and Patricia admires the way Bob plays the cards.

Clark and I were so busy going over hands until 2 am that we forgot to watch the ball drop at midnight. Did it drop?

I had trouble getting to sleep last night, and was still awake at 5 am. Consequently, today I was just about asleep at the bridge table twice!


One thought on “Erin Clark Patricia: Happy New Year! – Fri. Jan. 1, 2015

  1. Barbara Chase January 1, 2016 at 20:48 Reply

    I am sure the ball dropped. We toasted the New Year at 10:00 because it was 2016 in Pennsylvania so why wait? I can imagine you falling asleep after staying up so late.
    Enjoy your visit with Patricia. Nice that Bob can be her partner. Happy New Year!

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