Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tommy and Paco on Plane Headed Home – Wed. Dec. 30, 2015

Paco and Tommy left here about noon with an extra suitcase filled with Christmas presents. Paco was wearing just a long sleeved tee shirt, so I hope he finds a jacket before he arrives in the 30 degree temperatures of Traverse City. That is Tommy somewhere under the lime green jacket. I can’t figure out what those gold medallions are around his neck. They look something like the Ghirardelli squares which he ate many a day of while he was here. Erin had filled the coffee table crystal jar with them, and I found lots of empty wrappers.

(Later: Steve tells me that those are Junior TSA Agent stickers from security at SMF.)

Before he left, Paco was very attentive to Erin, and gave her lots of hugs. I choke up every time I think about it. Erin says that throughout his stay Paco would drop whatever he was doing and help her with what she wanted.

Tomorrow Patricia arrives to “the land of sunshine and warmth”. We are having sunshine, but Erin was just complaining about how cold she was as I sat here next to her in my long johns. I hope Patricia finds highs of 55 and lows of 33 warm.

Erin says for email to her to use: Her elwheels is no longer working.

Tommy, the Cookie Monster – Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015

Tommy is eating one of the dozen large, decorated cookies which is cousins Kayla and Alyssa made.

Cousins: Kayla, Alyssa, Paco, Tommy – Dec. 29, 2015

My nephew Alan, his wife Lisa, and daughters Kayla and Alyssa came by this afternoon on their way home from a few days in the snow wtth Alan’s older sister, Janet. (Alan and Janet are my sister Joan’s children.)

Kayla is a year younger than Paco and Alyssa 2 years younger than Kayla, so the 4 cousins have a good time together. As you can see they entertained themselves with iPads and iPhones, but there was still a lot of interaction.

Erin is very fond of Lisa, and they had a nice chat.

David and Paco – Mon. Dec 28, 2015

Steve took Paco to West Sacramento yesterday so that Paco could spend the night with his friend David with whom Paco went to school in Davis. They are good friends. David’s family is in the midst of moving from West Sac to Davis, so it was especially kind of them to have Paco for the night.


Tommy and His New Slippers – Sat. Dec. 26, 2015

Tommy is ready for bed and sporting his new slippers which he acquired at the White Elephant exchange on Christmas Eve.

Tommy Paco Clark at the Bridge Table – Sat. Dec. 26, 2015

Tommy was playing with wood builder blocks with plastic connectors and explaining all of things he was making including cars, a double-ended wrench, a pic ax for mining stone, and some different kind of guns, when he suddenly announced about 9 pm that he would like to play whist. So, we gathered Paco and Clark for 2 hands of whist followed by 2 hands of mini-bridge.

Tommy had to go get Chewbacca “Chewie”, so Clark went and got his own teddy bear, shown tucked into his v-neck tee shirt.
We decided to call it quits when at the 3rd hand of mini-bridge, Paco picked up his second hand in a row of zero points which had been preceded by a hand of 7 points. Clark says he doesn’t mind playing because I seem to be having so much fun!

Erin & Paco Matching Hair – Sat. Dec. 26, 2015

Steve took this picture of Paco and Erin. Paco is almost as tall as Erin, and their hair is very similar in color and length. Steve came by with take out from Dos Coyotes. Paco says there is nothing like it in MI.

Yesterday Tommy requested playing whist, but today he is not in the mood, and Erin says that she is too tired.