Beck Erin Colleen Deke Wheeler at Evan’s Kitchen – Tues. Nov. 24, 2015

Colleen and Deke arrived from Boulder today and are on their way to Albion near Mendocino on the Coast to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with friends. Wheeler, who has been staying at his Dad’s in Rancho Cordova, will join them, then fly back to Boulder with them Sunday evening. Erin was very excited to see Wheeler. He will start City College in January.

We all met for dinner tonight at Evan’s Kitchen with Brandon, Lisa, and Beckett joining us. When I called yesterday to make the reservation for the 9 of us, I knew that Evan’s was closed on Monday, but thought that I would leave a message. A man answered. He was chef Evan. He was working on catering and said that he gets his best work done when the restaurant is closed.

Clark had the prime rib special, which is what I thought others might have, too. Much to my surprise Colleen had meatloaf and Brandon had chicken fried steak. Everyone seemed happy with their meal.


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