Erin at Sushi Hook – Mon. Nov. 9, 2015

Tonight after bridge, we went to Sushi Hook for dinner. Erin managed chop sticks with her left hand. Shown are Clark’s Beef Udon Noodle Soup on the left and my sashimi salad on the right. 2 kinds of sushi are in front of Erin. After the above photo was taken, Erin’s plate of sashimi arrived: ono which is very buttery tasting and she really liked, salmon, and regular tuna, albacore shown below.

Erin went to her 2nd bridge class tonight. She was very nervous about it ahead of time. But, Bob, the teacher, was very welcoming, and she said that she enjoyed the class more than last time. Again there were 2 tables, but I think only 2 of the other people who were there last Wed. returned because of conflicts.

Bob discussed hand evaluation counting an A as 4 points, a K as 3 points, Q as 2, and J as 1. Erin had no trouble with this, but she can’t add 4+2, for example to calculate the total high card value of a hand. Erin has no trouble following suit, or knowing not to play a high card if someone has trumped. She can name Ace, King, Queen, Jack, but she can’t say Ace of spades, or K of spades, etc. So, I don’t think she will be able to be the Declarer and call out the cards that she wants the dummy to play. But, as long as she is having fun, we will continue to go to the classes.


One thought on “Erin at Sushi Hook – Mon. Nov. 9, 2015

  1. Lisa November 10, 2015 at 18:29 Reply

    That’s so awesome Erin!

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