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Visit from Clark’s sister, Albie – Mon. Nov. 30, 2015

I meant to take a picture of Erin with Clark’s sister, Albie, who lives in the Boston area. Albie is visiting her 2 sons in San Francisco. Albie came to Sacramento today with Clark’s and Albie’s nephew, Josh, whose family is spending the year in Berkeley. He is the son of Clark’s older half brother, whom Clark only met a couple of times.

Clark went to Caballo Blanco to pick up lunch: chiles relleños, enchiladas, and burritos.

Erin was lively. Josh talked to Erin at length, and she mentioned her frustration at being an English major, and yet not being able to write. Josh suggested that maybe she should try Haiku because of its short lines. As they left Albie mentioned that she thought that Erin seemed in much better spirits than when Albie was out for Clark’s birthday almost 2 years ago.


Erin Barb w/turkey leftovers – Sat. Nov. 28, 2015

My niece Monica posted on Facebook yesterday that she had made turkey enchiladas with her left over turkey. That inspired me to do the same. Erin contributed the pinto beans … she loves them, and keeps a stash of cans of them in her room. She was excited about the enchiladas, too.

9pm: Erin came out for half of another enchilada!


Clark Erin – Happy Thanksgiving – Thurs. Nov. 26, 2015

Clark, Erin, and I had a laid back Thanksgiving dinner. We celebrated with Colleen and Brandon and families Tuesday night, and Clark had cooked a turkey last week, so we were planning maybe just some ham today. But, when Clark went out to get one, they were too large, so he settled on a fresh turkey and some prepared mashed potatoes that were very good. I used up some leftover rolls and made dressing from them, and made gravy for the first time in years. The last few Thanksgivings we have either been at National Bridge tournaments, or Colleen has made the gravy.

Erin talked to Paco today, but 6 year old Tommy won’t talk on the phone to anyone. I guess he uses up all his talking in person. He is quite a chatterbox.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Beck Erin Colleen Deke Wheeler at Evan’s Kitchen – Tues. Nov. 24, 2015

Colleen and Deke arrived from Boulder today and are on their way to Albion near Mendocino on the Coast to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with friends. Wheeler, who has been staying at his Dad’s in Rancho Cordova, will join them, then fly back to Boulder with them Sunday evening. Erin was very excited to see Wheeler. He will start City College in January.

We all met for dinner tonight at Evan’s Kitchen with Brandon, Lisa, and Beckett joining us. When I called yesterday to make the reservation for the 9 of us, I knew that Evan’s was closed on Monday, but thought that I would leave a message. A man answered. He was chef Evan. He was working on catering and said that he gets his best work done when the restaurant is closed.

Clark had the prime rib special, which is what I thought others might have, too. Much to my surprise Colleen had meatloaf and Brandon had chicken fried steak. Everyone seemed happy with their meal.


Erin Saw Ophthalmologist – Sat. Nov. 21, 2015

Erin had been complaining a lot about double vision lately, so we took her to see Dr. Gutmann, the ophthalmologist, Thursday. We have been seeing Dr. G for over 25 years. When Brandon Sr had trouble with double vision, his neurologist had recommended Dr. G as being the closest thing Kaiser had to a neuro-ophthalmologist. Then Dr. G did iridotomies for me in 1992, and cataract surgeries a few years ago.
Erin last saw Dr. G 4 years ago, and he always asks me about how Erin is doing. Dr. G said that the normal brain coordinates 2 images into one. But, when normal patients are under anesthetic, their brains no longer have control and some patients become cross-eyed or wall-eyed.
Dr. G sees lots of patients with brain damage who have double vision. But, Erin is the only one who can merge 2 images when looking to the left, but cannot do it when looking to the right. He didn’t have much of a solution. He said maybe in a year, she could have her prism increased.

Erin did not go to bridge lessons this week. She preferred to sleep. So, maybe her bridge career is over. Barbara

Erin Declaring 2S – Wed. Nov. 11, 2015

Erin went to her 3rd bridge lesson tonight. She is shown declaring 2S. She made 3. I had thought that she might have trouble declaring because she has trouble calling out the names of the cards. But, she just tapped on the card she wanted dummy to play or I said, “Play low.”

She is surprised by how much she knows from watching when there was social bridge at our house and from playing whist with the boys.


Erin at Sushi Hook – Mon. Nov. 9, 2015

Tonight after bridge, we went to Sushi Hook for dinner. Erin managed chop sticks with her left hand. Shown are Clark’s Beef Udon Noodle Soup on the left and my sashimi salad on the right. 2 kinds of sushi are in front of Erin. After the above photo was taken, Erin’s plate of sashimi arrived: ono which is very buttery tasting and she really liked, salmon, and regular tuna, albacore shown below.

Erin went to her 2nd bridge class tonight. She was very nervous about it ahead of time. But, Bob, the teacher, was very welcoming, and she said that she enjoyed the class more than last time. Again there were 2 tables, but I think only 2 of the other people who were there last Wed. returned because of conflicts.

Bob discussed hand evaluation counting an A as 4 points, a K as 3 points, Q as 2, and J as 1. Erin had no trouble with this, but she can’t add 4+2, for example to calculate the total high card value of a hand. Erin has no trouble following suit, or knowing not to play a high card if someone has trumped. She can name Ace, King, Queen, Jack, but she can’t say Ace of spades, or K of spades, etc. So, I don’t think she will be able to be the Declarer and call out the cards that she wants the dummy to play. But, as long as she is having fun, we will continue to go to the classes.


Erin at Bridge Lesson w/Bob Locke – Wed. Nov. 4, 2015

Erin went to a bridge lesson this evening for absolute beginners. It was taught by Bob Locke, a friend of ours. He has taught bridge on cruise ships, and Erin really liked him. She managed to keep up, and is planning to go to the 2nd lesson next Monday. Barbara