Erin and Gumbo – Fri. Oct. 30, 2015

We went to Apple for a 5:30 appt this afternoon. Erin’s laptop wouldn’t type correctly. For example, for the letter p, it would type the Greek pi. We spent almost an hour on the phone with AppleCare Wednesday night. Finally, the rep decided that it was a hardware problem and made the appt for us for this afternoon.

After spending an hour and 15 min at Apple, the genius discovered that the option key was stuck, hence all of the crazy letters being typed. They have to order the new keyboard, so the repair will take 3-5 days.

Afterwards, Erin wanted to go to the nearby Cheese Factory for dinner. We ate outside. …Perfect weather.

Erin ordered the chicken and seafood gumbo which she liked, but she brought most of it home because it was quite spicy.

It brought back memories for Erin and me of when we went to New Orleans with Jane “Bombi” and went to Paul Prudhomme’s for gumbo.


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