Erin and Joanne at Pietro’s – Fri. Oct. 16, 2015

Yesterday Clark, Erin, and I went to Lodi to meet my friend Joanne Donovan for lunch at Pietro’s restaurant. Joanne and I shared an apartment in Sacramento for 6 months 1960-61 when we were both teaching. The apt sharing was interrupted when I broke my leg skiing in March of ’61. We have gotten together almost yearly for lunch ever since. Joanne introduced us to Pietro’s last year, and we liked it so much, we went back again this year.

Erin loved her mushroom risotto, and I my trio of ravioli, pesto spaghetti, and lasagna. (We took home half and had it for dinner.) Then to cap it off we had tiramisu, plus Joanne gave us a box of goodies from the local bakery. Erin ate most of a berry scone on the 45 min trip back to Sacramento.

Today Erin had an MRI. She said that they used a new kind of contrast dye. Her followup with the neuro-oncologist hasn’t been set up yet. After the MRI, we went down the hall and Erin got her flu shot, which she said was painless.

Today marked the end of 45 years of the Sacramento Bridge Club being in its own small building behind the Dante Club. The Director in charge of finding our new location announced that we didn’t have to sing, “Auld Lang Syne”. That choked me up, but there were no tears. … everyone seems to be looking forward to a new era. In a couple of months, we will be moving to a new location up on Hurley off of Howe about 1.5 mi from here (whereas the Dante spot was 1.1 mi and I did walk it a few times.) In the meantime we will play out in Folsom for a couple of weeks, and then at a temporary location next door to the new spot.


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