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Erin and Gumbo – Fri. Oct. 30, 2015

We went to Apple for a 5:30 appt this afternoon. Erin’s laptop wouldn’t type correctly. For example, for the letter p, it would type the Greek pi. We spent almost an hour on the phone with AppleCare Wednesday night. Finally, the rep decided that it was a hardware problem and made the appt for us for this afternoon.

After spending an hour and 15 min at Apple, the genius discovered that the option key was stuck, hence all of the crazy letters being typed. They have to order the new keyboard, so the repair will take 3-5 days.

Afterwards, Erin wanted to go to the nearby Cheese Factory for dinner. We ate outside. …Perfect weather.

Erin ordered the chicken and seafood gumbo which she liked, but she brought most of it home because it was quite spicy.

It brought back memories for Erin and me of when we went to New Orleans with Jane “Bombi” and went to Paul Prudhomme’s for gumbo.


Erin at Cornerstone; Eating Halloween Cookie – Tues. Oct. 28, 2015

Today we went to Cornerstone for brunch-lunch. It is a block from brother Bob’s, and we were hoping that he could join us, but unfortunately, I was not able to reach him.
We went to Cornerstone occasionally with my mother-in-law, Jane “Bombi”, so it brought back fond memories for Erin and me.

As you can see the portions are generous. Erin and I both ordered the spinach-cheese omelet. She ate about a quarter of hers. I have to admit that I ate 3/4 of mine. And Clark enjoyed all of us beef barley soup and club sandwich.

After lunch I was napping, when Erin came into the room, quite excited. She had just retrieved a package which had been delivered to her patio door. I guess the UPS delivery man couldn’t find the front door. My friends from El Cerrito had sent her a box of Cheryl’s Halloween cookies. The cookies are delicious.
(Sorry for the red eye. I can fix it on my iPhone, but can’t seem to fix it on the MacBook Air even though it looks as if it should be the same process.)


Erin eating Cannelloni – Sat. Oct. 25, 2015

Tonight Erin wanted some Trader Giotto’s Ricotta & Spinach Cannelloni which she had bought on her last excursion to Trader Jo’s. She shared some with me and wanted to know how I liked it. Erin really liked it, but it didn’t quite compare with what I had in Spain in 1962 or in Italy in 1998. I have very fond memories of those 2 experiences.

In 1962 I travelled for 2 weeks with my French friend Marie-Cécile and her younger sister and another friend of theirs. (Hi, M-C, if you are reading this!) We had visited her older sister at a beach house in La Escala, Spain, on the Costa Brava. We then drove in M-C’s deux chevaux Citroën to Valencia.ën_2CV
We camped out for 4 nights, each night pitching a tent on hard ground using “pics”. The campgrounds were open lots, not in the forests and parks that I was used to in California where I had never slept in a tent. We arrived in Valencia exhausted. We stayed at a lovely old hotel with an open cage elevator. And that Sunday afternoon… I had cannelloni for the first time … delicious!

In Assisi, Italy, in 1998 my sister, Patricia, and I had gone to visit the mountain retreat where St. Francis used to go to pray. On our walk back down to the city, we came across an isolated restaurant on the road side, and I had a marvelous cannelloni made with homemade pasta. Oh well, I guess Trader Giotto will have to do for now.


Erin, Pat from Canada – Sat. Oct. 24, 2015

Lisa’s relatives , Sil and Pat, are visiting from Windsor, Canada, so we went to Brandon and Lisa’s for a barbecue tonight. Brandon barbecued steaks, chicken, and asparagus, and Lisa made delicious risotto.

Erin was lively and participated actively in the conversation. She said that it was so fun!


Erlene Erin – Fri. Oct. 23, 2015

Erin and I went to see my friend Erlene at Eskaton today. Tuesday was Erlene’s birthday, so we celebrated belatedly. We stopped at Bella Bru Cafe on the way and picked up sandwiches and a slice of tiramisu, and then had lunch on Erlene’s patio. Erlene also offered 2 other desserts (shown in photo). The chocolate dutch cake from Bel Air was delicious.

That is the 3rd time in 10 days that I have had tiramisu, and each one is very different. I liked today’s the best, but it still wasn’t as good as I had remembered it.

Erin and Erlene have a bond. They both have word recall and mobility problems and commiserate with each other.


Clear MRI – Tues. Oct. 20, 2015

Erin saw Dr. Lallana, the neuro-oncologist, this afternoon, and he said that the MRI taken last Friday was clear, just showing scar tissue. Erin complained of her eyes not focusing and more double vision, so he gave her a referral to the ophthalmologist.

Afterwards, she wanted to go to Del Taco, and she directed Clark perfectly avoiding the cement barrier that prevents turning into Del Taco from Arden Way. Clark is always amazed that Erin knows driving directions so well.


Erin Beck and Rex – Sun. Oct. 18, 2015

Brandon brought Beck over this afternoon. Beck wanted to show Erin his new skeleton dog, Rex. Brandon had posted on Facebook that he never thought that Lisa would let them get a dog. Brandon even made a dog house for Rex.