Fourscore and a Sparkling Pour – Sept. 19, 2015

My sister, Erin’s Aunt Patricia, celebrated her 80th birthday yesterday, the 19th, in Denver with her 6 children, their spouses, 7 grandchildren, and Colleen and Deke, plus Sr. Anthony Marie, first cousin of Patricia’s late husband, Joe. The party was at the home of her daughter Mary and her husband Greg.

The title for this blog was suggested by Patricia’s 4th son, Tom, who sent me these photos. Tom is very clever and worked on these fabulous decorations as well as a 400 picture slide show.

As Tom said, that’s some eighty year old, no?

Later: Colleen here, editing to say a) it was an evening as lovely as its guest of honor, and b) hanging out with Zavadils is another great benefit of having moved to Colorado. Here is a photo of the amazing table after the candles were lit, with Sister Anthony Marie, Aunt Patricia, and Joe watching the wonderful slide show. That’s my delicious avocado soup not quite finished in the foreground. Note how even though Patricia wasn’t allowed inside until dinner time (instead forced to sip magenta champagne cocktails and eat exquisite cheese on the lovely and similarly decorated patio), her outfit matched the surroundings meticulously.


For those of you who have witnessed Zavadil reader’s theatre masterpieces before, know that this time the performers were the seven grandchildren singing a version of “Cover of the Rolling Stone” that had been customized, brilliantly, by Mary.

2 thoughts on “Fourscore and a Sparkling Pour – Sept. 19, 2015

  1. Janet Keeter September 20, 2015 at 21:18 Reply

    So elegant yet festive!

  2. Barbara Chase September 20, 2015 at 21:44 Reply

    It sounds like Pat’s 80th was quite a family celebration. Patricia, happy birthday!

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