Erin’s 44th Birthday – Mon. Sept. 14, 2015

Erin’s birthday celebration began with the ring of the doorbell at 9:30 am. Relles Florist delivered the bouquet of bright flowers and mylar birthday balloon sent to Erin from Paco and Tommy. (5 days ago she received a beautiful bouquet from her former next door neighbor in San Jose.)

The cleaning ladies wanted to come today instead of their usual Tuesday, so we got out of the house by going for lunch at Cape Cod fish and chips, followed by a little shopping at nearby CVS.

Brandon, Lisa, and Beck joined us for dinner at Ernesto’s Mexican Food downtown, and then we came back to the house for a Baskin-Robbins chocolate brownie ice cream dessert, which neither Erin nor Brandon partook of. I appreciated their joining us because they had a busy day yesterday belatedly celebrating Beck’s 6th birthday at a jump house. His cake was remarkable made by a former teaching colleague of Lisa’s. I’ll post a photo of it below.


2 thoughts on “Erin’s 44th Birthday – Mon. Sept. 14, 2015

  1. Tom Z & Dean L September 15, 2015 at 20:26 Reply

    Happy Birthday to you, Erin (1 day late)!

    We will have a bit of dessert tonight in your honor…

    Love, T + D

  2. Barbara Chase September 15, 2015 at 21:04 Reply

    Happy birthday , Erin. Thanks for the pictures of the great cakes. I’ll bet Beck enjoyed his great decorations.

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