Paco Tommy Clark swimming – Wed. Aug. 12, 2015

At about 7 pm Tommy announced that they had better go swimming before it got any darker. Earlier we had discussed going swimming after dinner, but we thought that the boys had forgotten about it. They swam for about 50 minutes playing a hide the toy game. Their Haas grandparents had given Paco an orange and Tommy a green soft rubber toy before they left Michigan. Tommy and Clark hid the toys in the water and Paco had to find them. (Actually, Clark cheated and threw one of the toys out of the water, but Tommy couldn’t keep the secret.) Tonight Erin chose not to swim, but she did swim with the boys yesterday afternoon.

We played whist for the first time earlier in the day with Erin joining us. Tommy doesn’t like it when there is trump. He just wants to play NT. Erin and Tommy lasted for about 3 hands, then Paco and I went over a couple of the end play hands which I had from bridge camp. And I discovered a subtlety that I had missed the first time I encountered one of the hands. Later we played one round of War. How boring!

Barbara (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

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