Paco Clark Tommy Erin at Costco – Tues. Aug. 11, 2015

Since they don’t have Costco in Traverse City, Erin considers going to Costco as a form of entertainment for the boys. First stop was lunch in Costco’s outdoor eating area. The five of us ate for $9.26! Clark just had a strawberry sundae which wouldn’t involve chewing. Paco, age 11, jumped up and got people napkins, straws, and refills as needed. It reminded me of Erin when she was that age. She went on a trip with me and my mother-in-law Jane, “Bombi”. We drove from Dallas to New Orleans, starting at a family reunion in southern Oklahoma. Erin would wait on us, getting us ice at the motel and generally being our gopher.

Eating first at Costco was a good idea because then we weren’t tempted to buy a lot of food. Our refrigerator/freezer space is limited. The first thing Tommy saw when he went into Costco was a batman costume. He kept coming back to the basket to check on it and held it in the car on the way home. When we got home, before I knew it, he had it on. See separate photo.

Last night at midnight I started making seafood stew. I made a blenderful of smoothee out of some of it, so Clark has nourishment on hand for his hurting teeth.

Happy Birthday to Erin’s cousin, John Z!!


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