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Erin and Patricia with Enstrom Almond Toffee – Sun. Aug. 30, 2015

Patricia arrived today bearing gifts. She brought boxes of both light and dark chocolate almond toffee from Enstrom, a candy store in Denver. She also brought some solid chocolate critters which her son Tom purchased at Enstrom for Erin. (See photo below.)

Patricia has come out for the Regional in Santa Clara which she, Clark, and I are going to on Wed. morning. Colleen is coming out from Boulder Tuesday evening to stay with Erin for the week. Patricia and I played bridge today.

This evening we went to dinner at Roma’s Pizzeria. When we got home, Patricia helped me to dig a well around a dogwood tree which looks like it is dying. I have been throwing shower water on it for several weeks, and the soil is finally loose enough that some of the water seems to be penetrating.

Patricia rehearsed Erin with words which we have written on flash cards. These are words which Erin has grappled with in conversation during the past couple of weeks. Tonight Erin could quickly read apple, cheese, peach, tortilla, bed, bridge, glasses , horse, and Clark. She stumbled and said something similar to avocado. But for beans she could only say “be”. She said it was her favorite food. So, she could recognize the meaning of the word, but couldn’t say it.


Patricia having her first IT’s – IT – Sun. Aug. 30, 2015

Tonight Patricia had her first ever It’s It. I first heard of them 40-45 years ago when my in-laws sold them at their deli in Fort Bragg. They are made in San Francisco, yet several people in my social bridge group had never had one until I served them last month at bridge.


Erin with Chocolate Critters – Sun. Aug. 30, 2015

Erin is holding yummy solid white and milk chocolate candies from her cousin Tom which Patricia brought today. They were from Enstrom candies in Denver.


Brandon blowing out candles as Joleen watches – Sat. Aug. 22, 2015

Brandon is shown blowing out candles on the ice cream cake which Lisa made. Joleen (Lisa’s Mom and Brandon’s mother-in-law) watches. It was a delightful evening to eat outside.

Erin Beck Brandon – Sat. Aug. 22, 2015

Today was Brandon’s birthday. Lisa had us and her folks over for a birthday dinner for which Brandon cooked barbecued asparagus, steaks, and salmon. That was the 5th time that I had salmon this week. His was much more tender than the 2 restaurant salmons and the 2 home cooked microwave salmons that I had earlier in the week.
Erin had slept most of the day, so I was pleased that she rallied and went with us.

Dinner with nephew John – Mon. Aug. 17, 2015

Steve & Janet Keeter Ron & Ginny Haynes Ralph & Joan Smith John Zavadil Barb & Clark (Janet and Ginny are my sister Joan’s daughters.)

My nephew John Zavadil (son of my sister Patricia) who lives in Albuquerque was in Livermore today on business. My niece Janet organized dinner with him at Handle’s in the Pleasanton Hotel. Erin was supposed to go with us, but she was too exhausted from the boys’ visit and from a change in medication, so she elected to stay home. Brother Brandon checked in on her on his way home from work and found her on the floor. He came back again at 8:30 and she was fine.

We thought that we would have heavy traffic, but we left here at 3:30 and went via 5 to 205 to 580 and got there in an hour and 40 min with time to browse at the nearby “San Francisco Outlets” in Livermore. Pleasanton has a charming old Main Street.


Tommy in Minneapolis – Mon. Aug. 15, 2015

Just received this photo from Steve. Steve says Tommy loves escalators and moving sidewalks. Barbara

Paco Tommy in Wading Pool – Thurs. Aug. 13, 2015 (Posted Aug. 17, 2105)

Steve came to get the boys this morning for the trip home to Traverse City. I wanted to take a picture of them in the car, but both boys turned their heads. I think that they are tired of all this picture taking. So, I will post a photo of them having fun splashing in the wading pool last Thursday when Tony and Lucca were here.

Shannon brought Erin and the boys back from her house in Folsom about 5 yesterday afternoon. Earlier in the week Paco has been talking about going to the Chinese buffet, and we had agreed that we would go Sunday evening. But, Tommy didn’t want to go, so Erin suggested that I stay with him since I am not keen on Chinese food, though I do like the buffet. So, Clark, Erin, and Paco had an outing which Clark said was fun. Paco is beginning to understand Clark’s humor.

Steve said that Pebble Beach doesn’t seem to be too affected by the drought. He said that the display of wealth at the Concours d’Elegance was amazing. It wasn’t just the cars. Private jets were lined up to take off when the event was over.

I imagine the boys will sleep well on the plane. They were up late last night playing with their video games. They don’t start school until after Labor Day. Tommy will be in 1st grade in the school right across the street from their house, but Paco will enter 6th grade in a middle school which will require a half hour bus ride.


Empty House – Sat. Aug. 15, 2015

We took Erin and the boys to Shannon’s late yesterday afternoon where they are staying last night and tonight. Shannon has a lovely pool with a diving rock which Tommy was telling me about.

We went for a Chinese food (a favorite of Clark’s) dinner in Cameron Park and then played bridge in Shingle Springs last night. … our first game in a week. Thanks to Shannon this morning we were able to attend the Sat. class on 2-over-1 which we are enrolled in at the Sacramento Bridge Center.

Just talked to Shannon. She said the kids (hers are 12 and 9) were up to 3:30 am last night playing a Minecraft video game, so they should be good and tired for the plane ride home on Monday. She had Anissa and family over this afternoon and Vivian and her family were on their way as we spoke. They hope to get together with Cindy and family tomorrow. I think Shannon and husband Chris will also be good and tired when the weekend is over.

The boys will be here tomorrow for their last night. Meanwhile our house is very quiet and empty.

Erin & Sara – Thurs. Aug. 13, 2015

Today Erin’s friend Sara from Davis and her 2 sons Tony and Lucca, came for lunch and a swim. Tony was in Paco’s class in Davis. Paco and Tony were skyping last night and set up the arrangements. Sara and family have recently returned from a sabbatical for her husband which they spent in Sydney, Australia. She said that the cost of living is very expensive there. A six pack of beer that we might pay $7 for here, costs $21 in Australia. A $5 hamburger here costs $15 there.

After lunch, right after this picture was taken, Erin suddenly said that she had to lie down. So, Clark and Sara took the boys to the pool. I lingered behind and finished cleaning up. Erin was still too tired to go to the pool, so I went over and joined the gang.

The boys played numerous water games, and after an hour and a half, got out of the pool, then went to the spa where I joined them. After the spa, they played tag in the wading pool. They were in the pools for over 2 hours.

That is Paco in the background of the photo.