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Clark Erin Barb – At Ruth Chris’ – Mon. July 27, 2015

At Brandon’s suggestion we went to the happy hour at Ruth Chris’ Steak House in the Pavilions tonight. Clark was taking Erin and my picture when a waiter came out and volunteered to take this picture with Clark joining us.

We sat in the atrium and ate at white linen tablecloths with only 1 other table of the 4 occupied … very peaceful. Clark and I ordered the crab sandwich with zucchini fries. Erin ordered the spicy lobster … which was too spicy for all of us. We will go back again and Clark will order the steak sandwich and fries and I the seared ahi. There are just 6 items on the menu, $8 each. … to go with drinks.

Afterwards, we went to What’s the Scoop, an ice cream shop on Folsom Blvd which carries Gunther’s ice cream, which I think is the best. Erin had the coffee ice cream which was outstanding. Our outing ended with a visit to the nearby Office Max for my favorite Pilot G-2 0.38 ultra fine point pens. They now come in red, blue, and green as well as black.

Erin saved me from Safari trouble – Sat. July 25, 2015

This evening I was having trouble with the cursor, so I closed Safari (the web browser for my MacBook Air) when I meant to just log off. When I did that, the Safari icon disappeared from the dock at the bottom of the screen. Without Safari I had no way (that I knew of) to browse the internet.

I was moaning about it when Erin asked to take a look. She pushed some button, and that brought up a list of Applications which included Safari. She didn’t know what to do, but I clicked on Safari and was back in business. When I asked Erin what button she had pushed, she could not remember. (I have since learned from Colleen to go to Finder>Applications>Safari.)

Anyway, I wouldn’t be writing this blog if my daughters hadn’t helped me out.


New York; 10 Superfoods – Sun. July 19, 2015

Last night Erin asked Clark if he would get something for her at the grocery store. Clark couldn’t figure out what it was. Erin kept explaining, and showed him some cream cheese she had bought the night before when she went shopping with Shannon. Clark went off to his computer for a while. Then Erin came by and said ,”New York!”. Clark then realized she wanted bagels to go with her cream cheese. He obliged and went out and bought some this morning.

Bagels are not on the list of superfoods which Kaiser put out in its newsletter this week:
1. Avocados
A great source of cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fat, avocados are also high in potassium — a half-cup of pureed avocado has 583 mg.

2. Blueberries
The phytochemicals in blueberries, which give them their intense color, may reduce your risk of heart disease and certain cancers, research suggests. Blueberries are also loaded with antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium.

3. Broccoli
Full of vitamins, fiber, and calcium, broccoli is also a great source of compounds that may offer extra protection against cancer and other chronic diseases.

4. Kale
All hail the mighty kale! Like other dark green, leafy vegetables, kale is an excellent source of beta-carotene, a powerful health-promoting antioxidant.

5. Lentils
Not only are lentils a great source of protein, but also they supply fiber, folic acid, and iron. Adding lentils to a salad turns a healthy side dish into a filling meal.

6. Oatmeal
Old-fashioned oats are a good source of beta glucan, a type of soluble fiber that can help lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels.

7. Quinoa
This versatile gluten-free grain is an excellent source of protein. It’s also an easy-to-cook alternative to many typical grains and starches.

8. Nuts
Nuts get a bad rap for being high in calories, but they’re also high in heart-healthy fats and protein. In fact, studies show that many people who eat nuts have a lower risk of heart disease than those who don’t.

9. Salmon
Salmon is a great source of protein and is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are associated with a healthy heart and brain function. Look for wild salmon to get the biggest health boost.

10. Sweet potatoes
Sweet potatoes are very high in beta-carotene and a great source of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. This makes them a better option than a white potato.


Shannon & Erin – Fri. July 17, 2015

Erin went out for dinner tonight with Shannon and Vivian, and Vivian’s adorable 6 month+ old baby girl. They went to Roxy. … seems to be a family favorite.
Afterwards, Shan took Erin grocery shopping … which Erin loves to do.

Erin’s Uncle Bob doesn’t want anyone to know it or mention it, but he turned 70 today. We’ll just let blog readers know it, but don’t tell him!

Paco’s Team – Sun. July 12, 2015

Just received this from Steve. That is Paco, 3rd from right. Barbara

Erin and the Bridge Group – Fri. July 10. 2015

Erin and Erlene do a High Five.

My social bridge group met today and when it was time for lunch, Erin asked if she could join us. She participated with lively conversation. A few days ago I thought that it would be too hot to eat outside. Then yesterday turned cool, so I planned outdoor eating. At about 9 am this morning, it was sprinkling and I had to bring the outdoor cushions inside. But, by lunch time the weather cooperated. Our group has been meeting for 46 years. I think this is the first time we have had to worry about rain in July…. during the year of the drought!

(Click on the small photos to enlarge them.)


Erin Listening to Music on the Patio – Mon. July 6, 2015

The three of us were huddled in the kitchen staying cool while the carpet was being cleaned, when Erin announced that she was going to go out on to the patio and listen to music. I went out to take this photo and the 88 tempertature was amazingly comfortable. I ended up almost falling asleep myself. Erin also watched part of a Julia Roberts movie on her iPhone.


Clark Erin Chuck – Sat. July 4, 2015

Today we went to Brandon and Lisa’s 4th of July party. Erin is shown wearing her red, white, and blue beads with Clark talking to Chuck Hecht, Lisa’s dad, in the background. Erin then decided to share the beads with Deke and Colleen. (See photo below.)

The party was much scaled down compared to past 4th celebrations. Normally, they close off the street and a number of neighbors participate with a water slide and several types of jump houses. But, because of the drought, there was no water slide, and most of the neighbors were out of town. Lisa did rent a jump house (in the background behind Chuck).

The temperature reached 100 degrees, but their open tent provided cover from the sun, and it was really quite comfortable.

It was 6 years ago today that Erin was diagnosed with the glioblastoma.

Happy 4th to you all!

Deke Erin Colleen – Sat. July 4, 2015

Erin & the Boulder, CO, Bunch – Fri. July 3, 2015

Colleen Max (14) Deke
Erin Sam (13)

After a 2 1/4 hour dinner at Roxy, Colleen & Deke and the boys were headed to a Drive-In movie.
Clark, Erin, and I headed home, so that the elders could take a quick nap.