Tommy Erin Paco – Sat. June 13, 2015

Erin and Paco shortly after the boys arrived this morning

Tommy Erin and Paco at lunch at Dos Coyotes

The boys arrived this morning after visiting in Davis for 2 days. They had spent 6 hours Friday at Sun Splash, a water park in Roseville.

Erin had bought a small accessory called an Apple TV which allows her to see movies on her TV which are on her computer. The directions for setting it up were Greek to me, but I managed to snag Steve long enough to get it set up. Erin and the boys were able to watch a movie on the TV in her room after we went to lunch at Dos Coyotes.

After lunch we had just stretched out for a rest, when a kindly looking man about our age, with a smile on his face which was red from the heat, appeared at our bedroom door! He had come in thru the open garage door and had closed the door behind him. He thought that he was in his own house.

Clark suggested they get in the car and go look for his house. The man said “Hi kids” as he passed Erin and the boys watching TV in her room. He said that my white car was his wife’s. He knew his address on Hartnell, and Clark delivered him safely home.

Later in the afternoon Brandon, Lisa, and Beck joined us for a swim at the clubhouse pool. Erin got in the water and swam one armed backstroke.

We had planned to go to the Chinese buffet for dinner, but Tommy was too tired, so Clark went out and picked up some Chinese food. We were all tired and went to bed early.


One thought on “Tommy Erin Paco – Sat. June 13, 2015

  1. Barbara Chase June 14, 2015 at 10:47 Reply

    I can see why everyone was tired. Lots of excitement including the unexpected visit from your neighbor. Glad Paco and Tommy are with their Mom.

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