Visit to Rehab – Fri. March 27, 2014

I took Erin to her 4th visit to Kaiser this week. When she saw Dr. Lallana on Tuesday, Erin complained about not being able to read more than a few words at a time or to write the way she used to. So, Dr. Lallana said that he didn’t think her speech could be improved at this date, but that maybe there were reconstuctive methods of improving her intake of communication. So, he referred her to Speech Therapy.

The speech therapist was happy to see Erin again. He said today was old time day; he had seen another former patient today. I did not mention the reconstructive idea and didn’t go into the office with her.

When she came out, I was disappointed that there wasn’t another appt scheduled. Erin thought that he wasn’t sure why she was there. But, he did give her his card, and said to call him if she wanted to.

Erin seemed in good spirits afterwards, and has mentioned him several times since the appt, so I guess it was worth the visit.


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