Erin w/ St. Pat’s Beads and Irish Soda Bread – Sat. Mar. 14, 2015

My Irish American friend Joanne Donovan in Lodi sent Erin some fun St. Patrick’s Day beads today. They say, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day”. The color of the beads exactly matched the green shirt that Erin was wearing. She has an amused look on her face as she is watching one of her favorite comedies on TV.

At my request to my cousin Eily in Ireland, her daughter Edel emailed me Eily’s recipe for Irish soda bread today and I made it today, Pi day, 3.14.15(9). So, I tinted a little of the bread dough green, and put the Greek symbol for Pi on top of the bread. Note the “Happy St. Patrick’s” across the top of the bread in the photo of Erin with the bread.

Erin, Paco, Clark, and I had Eily’s delicious bread when we were at the Canty Family Reunion in Ireland in 2007.


One thought on “Erin w/ St. Pat’s Beads and Irish Soda Bread – Sat. Mar. 14, 2015

  1. Barbara Chase March 15, 2015 at 11:56 Reply

    I am having a Book Club meeting on March 17 & plan to make soda bread. I am past the need for a math symbol, but it does add a touch. My sisters Jeanne & Anne sent me soda bread recipes. Now.. should I make the easier recipe or make Jeanne’s recipe which I know is delicious? A dilemma!
    Hope everyone enjoyed the friend’s bread.

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