Visit to Boulder- Mon. Feb. 16, 2015

Wheeler picked us up this morning and drove us through light snow and icy streets to Colleen and Deke’s house in Boulder. I was nervous about the ice.

Note the chairs on their deck have accumulated about 15 inches of snow in the past 48 hours.

Deke Colleen and Erin sitting at D and C’s custom made cherry wood table. Colleen fixed 2 delicious homemade soups: crab and lobster bisque and Italian wedding soup with bison meatballs.

Clark and Colleen on the deck with a VIEW which was not visible when we first arrived because of the falling snow.

Deke out shoveling snow.

Colleen showed us NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) just above their house with a building designed by I. M. Pei. Then she drove us to the airport.

If I thought the drive to Boulder was scary, it was nothing compared to the blizzard conditions we encountered getting to the airport. What would normally take 45 min took about an hour and a half.

We are now having dinner at the airport while waiting for our flight which is 45 min late.

I am worried about Colleen driving back to Boulder by herself.  Later: Colleen texted that she arrived home safely. The snow had let up, but the road was treacherous.


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