Monthly Archives: January 2015

Erin – Yellow Roses by Virginia Haynes – Tues. Jan. 20, 2015

Erin is viewing a painting by my niece Ginny, sister of Janet who visited last Friday. Ginny’s painting was one of 75 selected out of 1300 entered for the annual Crocker-Kingsley Art Competition which is being exhibited at the Blue Line Arts Gallery in Roseville. Previous to 2012 the exhibit was at the Crocker Art Gallery in Sacramento.

The collection was curated by Greg Kondos, a well known Sacramento artist who used to teach at Sacramento City College. Some of his prints are also on display.

Ginny took up painting about 3 years go, and continues a tradition of women artists in Ralph’s (her father’s) family.

We went to lunch nearby at Slice of Goodness, a Mom and Pop cafe noted for its pies.


A Perkier Erin – Fri. Jan. 16, 2015

My niece Janet, daughter of my sister Joan, came to visit Erin today. Janet was between attending a meeting in downtown Sacramento and going to her place at Tahoe Donner. Unfortunately, I had already scheduled bridge and could not be here.

Clark said that Janet was fun to have visit. He enjoyed her witty remarks, and they pumped Erin up. Janet thought that Erin seemed more upbeat than she had at my birthday party, which was the last time Janet had seen Erin.


Tommy Erin Barb Patricia – Thurs. Jan. 1, 2015

Tommy and I started playing 2-handed whist about 9 am. His breakfast included a pear which friends had sent me from Harry and David. He declared it the best tasting pear he had ever eaten.

Early in the afternoon my sister Patricia arrived from Denver, and we recruited her for a third. Then Erin joined us and we played a couple of hands with her.

Later Steve arrived and we said our farewells to Tommy. Paco had left earlier to spend his last few days in Califronia with his friend David. They fly back to Traverse City, MI on Sat.


Erin Tommy & Minecraft – Wed. Dec. 31, 2014

Erin and the boys returned today from 2 days at Shannon and Chris’. Yesterday Erin and Shannon had lunch and shopped at Target while Chris took all 4 kids to his office for most of the day!

At Target Erin bought Tommy a Minecraft gift card, and tonight they were discussing the intricacies of installing the app on his computer at home. The vocabulary of today’s 5-year-old is mind boggling!