Calendar of Beautiful Ireland – Sat. Dec. 13, 2014

Yesterday Erin received a calendar of beautiful scenes in Ireland from her 3rd
cousin, Mary. Mary is 5 days older than Erin and Erin has visited with her in Ireland 3 times. Mary’s 3 sons would be 4th cousins of Paco and Tommy. Maybe they will meet some day.

I met Mary’s mother, Eily, when I went to Ireland in 1962 and didn’t see her again until a Canty reunion in Dunmanway in 2007. I have corresponded with her for over 50 years now. So, Eily and I are second cousins.

My father Tim Canty and Eily’s father Cornelius Canty were 1st cousins. My father’s older sister Anne had kept in touch with her first cousins in Ireland and gave me their addresses.

My grandfather Michael Canty was a brother of Eily’s grandfather, Jeremiah. Jeremiah and his descendants remained in Ireland. Many live near where my grandfather was born in Carhoovouler, Desertserges, Co. Cork. My grandfather Michael came to the United States in 1881. He met my grandmother Ellen Moore in San Francisco where they were married in 1894. Ellen was a native of Barleyhill, Rosscarbery, Co. Cork.

Michael and Ellen moved to Ferndale, in Humboldt Co. CA, a dairy farming area much like the area in Ireland where Michael grew up. Jeremiah and Michael and their sibs were the children of Cornelius Canty and Anne Hennessy, my great-grandparents.

What relation is Eily to Paco? Since Eily and I are 2nd cousins (our grandfathers were brothers), then Eily and Erin are 2nd cousins once removed. Eily and Paco are 2nd cousins twice removed. Now that is the genealogy lesson for the day.


5 thoughts on “Calendar of Beautiful Ireland – Sat. Dec. 13, 2014

  1. Barbara Chase December 13, 2014 at 22:51 Reply

    How nice for Erin to get the calendar with the scenes of Ireland. It is a truly beautiful country with all the shades of green. I can see why your cousins moved to the northern coast of California. The Oregon coast also has a lot of resemblance to Ireland. How wonderful that you kept in touch all those years.

  2. MC and Jim December 15, 2014 at 18:33 Reply

    Good work on your family tree, Barbara. Now where does Tony Wood fit in?
    I know you and his dad,Jack, are 4 th cousins.

    • bcwgolf December 15, 2014 at 19:45 Reply

      Tony is on the other side of the family, my Mom’s side. If Jack and I are 4th cousins, then Erin and Jack are 4th cousins once removed, and Tony and Erin are 5th cousins. Tony’s daughter Katie and Paco are 6th cousins.

  3. Tom Z. December 18, 2014 at 13:58 Reply

    Does this work in reverse? If I wanted to know someone who was, say, Erin’s 3rd cousin thrice removed — I think they refer to that in the biz as a “Square Root” cousin — could you provide me with a name?

    (Do not MESS with Aunt Barbara and her genealogy)

    Awaiting your answer…

    Love, Tom Z.

  4. bcwgolf December 19, 2014 at 02:14 Reply

    Tom, I think you are pulling my leg. I have never heard of a square root cousin.

    Since Mary and Erin are 3rd cousins, (so are you and Mary), Mary’s great-grandchildren would be Erin’s 3rd cousins 3 times removed. Since these great-grandchildren aren’t born yet, I can’t provide you with a name.

    Going in the other direction, I would have to know the 3rd cousin of any one of Erin’s (and yours on your Mom’s side) great-grandparents. That would require knowing a great-grandchild of Erin’s 5th great-grandparent. I’ll have to look for one!


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