Monthly Archives: December 2014

Tommy in the Clouds – Mon. Dec. 29, 2014

Deke used his Photoshop expertize to produce this photo of Tommy rising out of the clouds.

Erin, Paco, and Tommy have gone to Shannon’s for a couple of days. It is very quiet around here!


Paco Erin David Barb – Fri. Dec. 26, 2014

Paco was so excited to see his friend David tonight. They have been talking on Skype for several hours a day for the past 5 days. They were classmates in Davis ever since 1st grade.

Paco will spend a couple of nights at David’s. It was so quiet after they left with no interaction between Paco and Tommy. Tommy just quietly used his iPad.


Wheeler Paco Tommy and Chinese Food – Fri. Dec. 26, 2014

Tommy requested chicken chow mein tonight. So, we ordered Chinese food delivered.

Wheeler had come by to pick up something, so he joined us for dinner.


Wheeler(kneeling) Paco Erin Tommy – Mon. Dec. 22, 2014

Have been trying to send this photo for 4 days using iPhoto, which hasn’t “sent” since I downloaded the Yosemite operating system.

Had to have Wheeler kneel in order to fit both him and Tommy into the picture.


Paco(10) Alyssa(7) Kayla(9) Tommy(5) – Thurs. Dec 25, 2014

The cousins had a final wrestle before they said goodbye.


Alyssa Tommy Kayla Paco plus straws – Dec. 25, 2014

My nephew Alan, wife Lisa, and daughters Kayla and Alyssa stopped by this afternoon
on their way to have Christmas dinner with Alan’s sister Janet up in Truckee. My sister
Joan and husband Ralph and other members of Joan’s family will be joining them.

Paco and Tommy always have a good time with their 2nd cousins. They are pictured sipping
out of a connecting straw set made up of about 50 straws. Hope that nobody has a cold!
Erin found the set at World Market when she went shopping with Shannon last week.
Alan and Lisa have been so good about visiting Erin when they are in the area.

Brandon, Lisa, and Beck were over for present opening and brunch. Erin held up well.

Merry Christmas to all.

Tommy&Paco & ice cream – Tues. Dec. 23, 2014

Dos Coyotes was followed by Gunther’s ice cream (the best) around the corner at a little shop called What’s the Scoop.


Erin Tommy Paco at Dos Coyotes – Tues. Dec. 12, 2014

We are having lunch at Paco’s favorite restaurant. I doubt there are many Dos Coyotes in Traverse City, MI!

Both Paco and Tommy are wearing shorts because they are in California where they think that 60 degrees is warm.


Colleen Deke Erin – Sun. Dec. 21, 2014

Colleen, Deke, and Wheeler arrived from Boulder this evening. Their plane had been delayed 3 hours from leaving the Denver airport, so they didn’t arrive until about 9 pm. Wheeler headed to bed immediately. The rest of us ate Colleen’s delicious seafood pozole. She had served it for an Open House yesterday in Boulder, froze the leftovers, and they survived the tarmac arriving here still frozen. Colleen says that pozole is Spanish for hominy. The hominy and seafood were in a broth.

Erin was supposed to go to an annual gathering at Shannon’s this afternoon, but she was tired and slept all day instead. She wrapped stocking stuffers, lots, maybe 40 of them, all by herself yesterday. I don’t know how she is able to use scissors left handed, and cut scotch tape with one hand, but she does it. One handed, she opened a box of Cheryl’s cookies today which my friends from Berkeley days sent her. Note the red box in front of her which says Cheryl’s. She disappeared to her room after the pozole and returned carrying the box of cookies.


Shopping with Shannon – Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014

Shannon took Erin shopping today for stocking stuffers for the boys who arrive on Monday. They left here about 12:30 and weren’t home by the time we left for bridge at 5:45 pm. Erin said she slept afterwards, but woke up just before we got home. She had bought Mexican food as a snack for Clark. She also brought some great looking Dark Chocolate Sea Salt carmel corn clusters.

I will have to test those some other time because I am on liquid diet for 3 days, then on a soft food diet for another week because I had laser surgery on my gums yesterday. It is a new procedure they have been doing for about 6 months to treat deep pockets in the gums.

Shannon invited Erin to go with her last night to the “book group” gathering, but Erin declined, wisely saving her energy for the shopping expedition today. Shannon is a super good friend.