A Trip to the ER – Mon. Oct. 13, 2014

When I got home today, Clark said that Erin had fallen while transferring from the bed to the wheelchair. When she woke up, I noticed that there was blood on the 2 smallest toes of her right foot. Underneath the 4th toe there was a deep laceration which I thought probably required stitches. So, off we went to the Emergency Room at Kaiser on Morse Av.

Erin was seen fairly quickly, and when the doctor called me in, I thought that he probably needed me to translate, but he was all finished and wanted to explain that it was a difficult area in which to take stitches. So, instead he had glued it. After that we waited a long time for a nurse to bring a boot for her. Then another wait for a tetanus shot.

Erin has been complaining of symptoms of a bladder infection. So, again there were long waits for the test and the results. The result said that there was no infection, but the doctor sent the specimen on for a culture. In the meantime, he prescribed an antibiotic. Again, there was a wait at the pharmacy.

After our 2 hour outing, we arrived home to find that the 49ers had taken the lead – they had been behind 14-0 when we left Kaiser.


One thought on “A Trip to the ER – Mon. Oct. 13, 2014

  1. Barbara Chase October 13, 2014 at 20:49 Reply

    Hope Erin is feeling well after your trip to the ER. It will be interesting what they find in the culture after no infection was found. At least you came home to good football news. The Seahawks did not fare so well.

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