UC Med Center Brain Tumor Support Group – Sat. Sept. 6, 2014

As I wrote in the blog below, the past 2 weeks have been busy ones for Erin.Thursday evening
Shannon took Erin to a brain tumor support group at the UC Med Center here in Sacramento.
The group meets the first Thursday of the month. Shannon and Erin had planned several times
previously to go, but something came up.

There were about 15 people including spouses or friends present, Erin the only one with a
glioblastoma (GBM). The nurse leader of the group has been leading the group for 24 years and
was amazed at Erin’s 5+ year survival rate. Erin found the group very supportive and useful.

Afterwards, Erin and Shannon went to a late dinner at the Tower Cafe on Broadway. They
used to hang out there when they were single. They hope to make the support group and
Tower Cafe a monthly routine.

Wed. night Erin went around the block pushing herself arriving home just as it was turning
dark. The combination of all this activity left Erin exhausted, and she slept all day yesterday.


One thought on “UC Med Center Brain Tumor Support Group – Sat. Sept. 6, 2014

  1. Barbara Chase September 7, 2014 at 13:34 Reply

    I am so glad Erin went to a support group. It sounds good, especially with the leader being someone with so many years of experience. My niece’s daughter has developed Krohn’s disease,an intestinal disorder, and a friend of Vern suggested a support group. I will tell Trish to pass on to her granddaughter Simone how much Erin likes her support group.

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