Erin Paco Tommy at Toys’rUs – Mon. Aug 18, 2014

The boys planned a busy schedule for their last day here. They wanted to go to Costco because
they said that the nearest Costco to Traverse City was 2 hours away in Grand Rapids. They wanted
to eat lunch there. They ordered pizza, hot dog, and a churro to share. They didn’t find much of
interest in the toy section there, but did get lots of snacks.

So, the next stop was Toys’rUs which Paco wasn’t sure he had ever been to. Erin assured him
that he has been there before. I thought that Erin wanted to get them a small toy to play with
on the plane on the way home tomorrow. But, they chose big boxes, which she FedExed them.

When we got home, they were going to go swimming, but instead are playing with their iPads.
Tommy has a Whist game he is playing. He gets very excited when his Ace takes the opponent’s

Next stop: Chinese Buffet for dinner at their request. Tommy says he loves chicken chow mein.



One thought on “Erin Paco Tommy at Toys’rUs – Mon. Aug 18, 2014

  1. Barbara Chase August 18, 2014 at 18:38 Reply

    It is always interesting what kids remember and want. Costco’s food no less.
    With the big boxes on their way they will have to use their electronic games on the way home. I’ll bet the time flew by for the boys’ visit.
    We just came home from going to the wedding of Andy, my sister Anne’s second youngest. It was wonderful to see so much Fahey, Sheaff and Horton family in Santa Barbara.

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