Paco & Game Ball – Sat. July 26, 2014

Colleen and Deke flew in from Boulder for the weekend and are staying at the Citizen Hotel in downtown Sacramento. Erin, Clark, and I joined them for a delicious dinner at the Grange, the restaurant in the hotel. Afterwards, we went up to their room on the 12th floor with a fantastic view of City Hall, the Library and its Galleria, and Chavez Plaza where music was playing.
Erin was tired as we left 2 1/2 hours later, but I think she was bouyed up by their visit. She had been sleeping round the clock for about 4 days until yesterday when she rallied.
While we were at dinner, I got this message from Steve:

“Paco’s team unfortunately lost 7-4 today (to the Grand Rapids division champs) but, Paco was awarded the game ball for two outstanding innings of pitching.  It was his first time on the mound for the all star team and he only allowed one hit in his two innings.  

Even better, he had a big smile in his face the whole time he was pitching.

They have another round-robin game tomorrow and if they win, they still make it to the state championships quarterfinals on Monday night.” 


This is one of the best photos of Paco I have ever seen. He looks so happy. His face looks thinner.

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