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Farewell Colleen – Sat. June 21, 2014

As I write this, Clark is taking Colleen and Deke to the airport.for their
flight to Boulder, CO. Colleen is moving to Boulder where they
have a home with a view of the flatirons. The house is large
enough for Deke’s sons ages about 12 and 13 and for Wheeler
should he decide to move there. (Wheeler is working at Camp
Sacramento for the summer.)

Salvation Army took old furniture away on Thursday, the movers
came yesterday (Friday), and today was cleanup. Colleen brought
2 bags of groceries over including Spam for Clark and sardines
for me.

We will miss Colleen. Even though there were times when I might
not see Colleen for 2 or 3 weeks, it was nice knowing that she
was 2 doors away. Erin will especially miss Colleen whom she
has always looked up to, Colleen being 6 years older, and 5 inches


Below is a photo of Colleen and Deke watching Erin try out her
new bed which Colleen left behind.

Joanne Erin Barb at Pietro’s, Lodi Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Erin has been very depressed the past few days and has pretty much slept round the clock
since Sat. She has cancelled appointments and social engagements. So, this morning I was
pleasantly surprised that when I woke her up to go lunch in Lodi with my friend, Joanne Donovan,
Erin immediately got up, though slowly. Erin is very fond of Joanne and wanted to go. I had
expected that we would have to cancel the trip. Erin didn’t say much and could hardly keep
her head up.

This photo was taken in the beautiful courtyard at the restaurant. They have lush tomato
plants espaliered and squash plants and herbs planted. The food was yummy.
Clark must have been shaking when he took this photo … it is rather blurred.


Erin out for a “walk” – Sat. June 7, 2014

Erin propelled herself around the circle yesterday with my straggling along behind
her. It is a distance of 2/3 of a mile. We went at 1 pm when the temperature was
81 degrees. It eventually got to 96 degrees. She was planning to go by herself
today, but it is already 81 degrees at 10 am and is supposed to be 100 by 2pm,
so I doubt that she makes it.


Mišelka Erin Ron – Tues. June 3, 2014

We got a surprise call from Mišelka last night. She and her husband Ron came by this morning for a nice visit with Erin. Mišelka was Steve’s first au pair from Oct 2011 to Oct 2012.

After leaving Davis M had returned home to visit her father in the Czech Republic and lived in London for a while where her mother lives. She met Ron at Burning Man while she was in Davis and returned to the US to marry him.

M helped us /Skype Paco for the first time. She was wonderful talking to the boys who showed us their rooms, Paco ‘s school across the street, and we saw Anna, the nanny.

Erin had moments of enthusiasm, but was mostly quite subdued.

Mišelka wants to return and stay with Erin a few days.


Erin and Clark Sharing a Slider – Mon. Jun 2, 2014

Patricia returns to Denver tomorrow, so tonight she took us to dinner at Bella Bru in Carmichael,
a suburb of Sacramento, where we lived for 24 years prior to moving to Campus Commons.

For an appetizer Erin and Clark shared hamburger sliders with homemade potato chips. Erin
then ate every bit of a steak salad. And we all 4 shared a huge piece of tiramisu for dessert.

On the way home we drove by our old house on Barnett Circle where we lived from ’79-’89.
The neighborhood looked all upgraded and lush. A neighboring house is for sale for 4 times
what it cost in the 1980’s.

The weather was a delightful 80 degrees. We need to talk Patricia into moving here for 3
months during Denver’s snowy season!


Patricia and Barb Sharing Tiramisu – Mon. Jun 2, 2014

Clark, Erin, Patricia, and Barb all shared a tiramisu at Bella Bru. It went down so smoothly.


Erin w/ pizza and a tired Patricia – Sun June 1, 2014

Erin has pretty much slept around the clock this past week. We wanted her to go out to
dinner with us tonight, but she elected instead to have us bring home pizza. Yesterday
she was invited to go with us to a grad party for Clark’s grandson, but she declined.

Our marathon week of playing bridge in the Regional at the Double Tree here in
Sacramento has ended, and Patricia is exhausted. Just before this picture was taken
she was almost asleep in the chair.