Tommy in Traverse City – Sat. May 10, 2014

Steve and the boys, Steve’s friend Ted, and Gilbert the cat, arrived in Traverse City about 1:30 am this morning. This was just slightly 4 days after they left Davis.

The photo shows Tommy enjoying a bath in the 1870’s era house which is their new home.

Today Erin received a Mother’s Day card postmarked Wed. from Traverse City (TC) and bearing a note from Paco in his writing and Tomas’ name. Since the boys were somewhere on the Midwest plains on Wed., Aba Judy must have bought the card in Davis and had Paco sign it, taken the card on the plane with her on Tuesday, then mailed it Wed. from TC. Both Erin and I were very touched.

Erin talked to the boys tonight. Tommy very excitedly told her of all the things they had done. They had gone to dinner with Ted’s uncle, then walked around the city. Each of the coming days will be a new adventure.


One thought on “Tommy in Traverse City – Sat. May 10, 2014

  1. Barbara Chase May 10, 2014 at 21:32 Reply

    How very sweet to get the Mother’s Day card. Their
    Aba is very thoughtful..I love the bathtub picture.

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