Erin Denise – Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Today Erin, Clark, and I met Denise for lunch at the Cheese Factory here in Sacramento.
My sister, Patricia, and I met Denise at a bridge tournament in Santa Clara last August,
and we exchanged emails when she said she came to Sacramento frequently.

It turns out her cousin’s 27 year old son Nick was diagnosed with a stage 3 astrocytoma
about a year and a half ago. He has the same neuro-oncologist as Erin, Dr. Lallana.
Denise is living in Sacramento while her new condo is being built on the peninsula.
The cousin and his mother are living with her, so Denise is involved in the day-to-
day care of Nick.

Nick is not as fortunate as Erin. HIs tumor, being star-shaped, was inoperable. And he
now has 2 more new tumors. Recently he has become confined to a wheelchair,
needing help transferring, and has difficulty swallowing.

Erin was very bubbly and talkative and because she didn’t seem to need to use
proper names, she talked for a long time without any trouble word finding. She
spoke much more fluently than Denise had expected.


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