Tommy Paco Erin and travel packs – Sun. May 4, 2014

Steve and the boys are moving tomorrow to Traverse City, MI. A friend of Steve’s
with a relative in Traverse City, is helping with the drive. After applying for many
jobs in CA, Steve was unable to find one meeting his qualifications. So, on
November 1st, he began working for Hagerty Insurance which insures antique
and collectible cars.

Steve has been traveling back to Traverse City about 1 week a month for the
past 6 months. At Steve’s request, Erin will stay with us and has been with us
since Christmas.

Judy and Mike are moving back there also. They fly out early Tuesday morning.
They really liked living in Woodland, but know that Steve needs their help in
Traverse City. They said today that Steve has hired a nanny named Anna, who
is studying Spanish in college, and is pleased that Paco and the Haases will
be able to speak Spanish with her. Anna also likes to cook!

Louisa’s year as an au pair ends on May 12th, so now was a good time for
the move. It allowed Paco to sign up for LIttle League in MI, where he was
picked 2nd overall in the draft because he is an All-Star! Tommy talked today
about throwing snowballs at Paco. Their school is right across the street
from their new house.

For the trip Erin gave the boys thermal packs in their favorite colors: orange
for Paco and green for Tommy. Note the packs match the shirts they are
wearing. Erin put snacks and activity books in the packs. Erin was very
strong as the boys, Haases, and Louisa left, though I know the coming
weeks will be difficult.


One thought on “Tommy Paco Erin and travel packs – Sun. May 4, 2014

  1. Ed and Nita May 4, 2014 at 19:24 Reply

    Prayers for the Haas family and the Wheeler family .

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