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Patricia Erin with China Mugs – Sun. May 25, 2014

Erin’s Aunt Patricia arrived from Denver last night. She will play bridge with Clark and with me
in the Sacramento Regional which takes takes place this week.

Colleen, Brandon, Lisa, and Beck came over for brunch this morning and we used Erin’s china
which had been packed up in the garage in Davis for almost 5 years. Patricia and Erin are
holding the china mugs.

Erin has been sleeping a lot lately, so having Patricia around is a good diversion.


I Miss the Boys

The are so cute. I miss then so huch

Colleen Erin Brandy – Sunriver Aug.1977, posted Sat. May 17, 2014

That is almost 6 year old Erin squished between Colleen and Brandy (as he was then known by)
on a bicycle built for 2 when we were at the Sunriver Resort in August of 1977. Husband Brandon
and I would play golf at 7:30 am and arrive back at our condo when the kids were waking up.
Then in the afternoons they would go for a bicycle ride.

I tried to look for the sign to the lodge, because I wanted to take another photo 37 years later,
but couldn’t find it.

At dinner Thursday night Erin said that she had had a good afternoon. After going to the shop
in the lodge, she had gone exploring. She had taken the bicycle tunnel which goes under the
main drive to the lodge, and had fallen, wheelchair and all, twice because she was going too
fast at the bottom of the tunnel. But, she was very proud of the fact that she had popped back
up all by herself both times. No one else was around. All she got was a couple of knicks on
her fingers.

We only had the handicapped room for 4 nights and were supposed to move to another room
for 2 nights. But, Clark thought that as long as we had to pack up, we might as well head home.
2 sessions of bridge for 3 days was enough for him. He prefers to have me play with my
sister Patricia while he enjoys the atmosphere of a tournament and to only play every other day
or so.

But, we did get back to Sacramento at 6 pm yesterday in time to play in the monthly barometer
game at 7 pm!

Last night Erin thanked us for the trip, and said she would like to have stayed longer! She had
been blue the first couple of days, but then began to enjoy it.


Erin – 9th hole Sunriver – Wed. May 14, 2014

This is the view from the patio of our room. We can walk onto the 9th green
of the Meadows course. You can see golfers putting out. The wrought iron
fence surrounds an outdoor spa which just happens to be next to our room.
Clark and I were the sole users of it last night.

We went over to the shop in the bottom of the lodge around noon today. Erin
got herself back to the room from there. She seems to have slept most of
the afternoon.


Erin Clark picnicking – Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When we heard that there was going to be a bridge Regional at the Sunriver Resort near Bend, OR, we booked a newly refurbished handicapped room near the lodge. We thought that it would be
a good distraction for Erin to return to where our family had stayed in 1977.

This morning Erin wanted to sleep, so we played bridge which is in a hall about a 5 min walk from our room. We could hardly awake her at noon and she wanted to sleep some more. Finally, when we got back at 4:30, Clark suggested that we go buy food for a picnic up near Mt. Bachelor. Erin was really blue, but she rallied. She enjoyed shopping at the Village grocery store.

Mt. Bachelor is visible from SunRiver 17 miles away. Erin had me take the closeup below which Erin posted and labeled Wow. We found a picnic table a few miles away in a resort called 7th Mountain.

WOW – Tues. May 13, 2014

Mount Bachelor up close.

Clark Erin Snowball – Tuesday, May 13 2014

That is Erin feeding Clark a snow
ball at Mt. Bachelor.