Lab Test Results – Friday, April 4, 2014

Erin had the lab tests this afternoon. She has received email notification of 3 series of results that are all within normal limits.  We suspect that there may be one more result that has not been reported yet. There was no mention of Keppra in the results so far. Or maybe it is supposed to have an affect on one of the readings. … will have to ask the doctor next week if we don’t get any more results.

Erin is walking more yesterday and today and is even trying wearing her brace to bed. Colleen has been in and out doing laundry, (her washing machine isn’t working), and that always puts Erin in a good mood.

Erin says today has been one of her best vision days in months. She has kept her prism glasses on all day even though they aren’t good for distance.  A friend of mine has a similar problem of double vision and needs prism glasses and says that she get nauseous when she doesn’t wear them.


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