Visit with Dr. Lallana – Thursday, April 3, 2014

Erin saw Dr. Lallana, the neuro-oncologoist today for a 45 minute visit. Yesterday’s visit with Dr. Adams also lasted 45 minutess. When Lallana walked into the exam room, he joked that Erin really wasn’t supposed to be here. He said that he and Dr. Adams were both wrong about thinking that the tumor had recurred in the Fall of 2011. (USCF also thought that it had recurred.)

Lallana said that the new MRI was actually better than the one 8 months ago.  He also thought that Erin was speaking much better than when he last saw her 8 months ago. He examined her for the double vision, and really didn’t have an explanation for it or the nausea. Erin has always had eyes that focus at 2 different levels, but normally glasses take care of the needed correction. He said that maybe she has been tired and unable to correct for it. He also said that the long term affects of radiation can lead to premature aging.

He prescribed some blood tests which she will get tomorrow. She had forgotten to take her Keppra this morning and one of the tests involves the Keppra level, so he wanted her to wait until tomorrow.

He volunteered to have her as his patient when Dr. Adams retires, and Erin was thrilled with the idea.

Shannon was going to take Erin to a tumor support group at UC Med Center tonight, but before Shannon got here, Erin became very nauseous, so they didn’t go.  Shannon stayed for several hours helping Erin with deleting old advertizing emails, etc. … such a good friend.


One thought on “Visit with Dr. Lallana – Thursday, April 3, 2014

  1. Barbara Chase April 4, 2014 at 07:28 Reply

    That is good news about her oncologist who wants to be her doctor after the retirement of her present doctor.
    What a good friend Shannon is.

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