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Erin in rain gear, Shannon – Sat. April 26, 2014

Yesterday Shannon came to take Erin out to lunch in the pouring rain.
Erin wore her black and white checked rain slicker, complete with

They went to 33rd Street Bistro for lunch and had panini, That was
followed by shopping at Trader Joe’s and Rite-Aid, and bringing
us home Mexican food for an early dinner from a Mexican restaurant
near Corti Bros. market. Good!

Shannon commented on how much Erin walked. She walked into the
restaurant. Erin was very tired today and slept most of the day.


Paco Erin Wheeler Tommy and Easter Goodies – Sun. April 20, 2014

Erin ordered See’s individual “Bunny Hop” boxes for the boys. (Beck had already left when this
picture was taken.) Erin also ordered a 4 lb box of assorted chocolates, called “A Gift of
Elegance”. See inside in next photo.


Paco Erin Wheeler – Sun. Apr 20, 2014

Here is the view of the inside of the 4 lb box of See’s chocolates.

Wound Care – Friday, April 18, 2014

Erin has had an open sore at her waistline for a couple of weeks. About 10 days ago, when we were at the Morse Ave Kaiser, I asked Dr. Adams assistant if Dr. A could refer Erin to the wound nurse whom we had used 2 years ago when Erin was on hospice. The nurse was at the Kaiser Point West office 3 miles from here.

The assistant came back with an appt for 9 days later, at the Wound Clinic at Kaiser on Eureka Rd in Roseville, 19 miles from here, which I had never been to before. Kaiser is openening a wound clinic next month at Morse Ave, but for now Roseville is the only one.

In the meantime I have been treating the sore with terbinafine hydrochloride which I thought was what Erin had been given for sores 2 years ago. (It had been given to her for a rash.) On Tuesday when I saw my own doctor for a routine checkup, he told me that terbinafine hydrochloride was an anti-fungal cream for athlete’s foot or rashes! Instead I should use an antibiotic cream such as neosporin which I did use Tuesday night.

Yesterday morning, we saw the wound nurse in Roseville. She thought that the sore looked great. She said that since December, neosporin is no longer recommended for open wounds! It attracts drug resistant bacteria. The nurse used silver nitrate on the sore, then covered it with a 1 inch square of silver PolyMem, followed by gauze and tape. She gave us s sheet of PolyMem to use. (For exciting reading, go to

The nurse didn’t think that it was a bedsore or pressure sore, which occurs near a bone. Erin’s was probably due to poking against something when she fell. There was about a 4 inch square black and blue bruise area around it which has almost disappeared.

Afterwards, we went to lunch at A Slice of Goodness, a small hole-in-the wall on Douglas Blvd in Roseville, which has good sandwiches and homemade pies which my friends in Roseville have served at social bridge. Trade Joe’s was nearby, so shopping there completed our outing.


Leg Brace Adjust – Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Erin’s brace was making an indent mark on the top of her ankle, and I never could figure out how to wrap the velcro strap, so we went to Integral Orthotics today. Greg, Larry’a assistant, helped us. I had been wrapping the strap directly around the ankle and this was what caused the mark. He showed us how to form the strap in a figure 8. He also cut a little off the bottom of the boot.



Erin Judy Tommy Paco – Sun. April 13, 2014

Judy, Erin’s mother-in-law, brought Tommy and Paco over for lunch today.
The boys arrived carrying Wendy bags, but also ate crepes and berries.

It had been about 5 weeks since Erin had seen Judy, and afterwards,
Erin talked about how much she enjoyed seeing her.

After a couple of hours they headed back to Davis for Paco’s soccer


Erin Tommy – Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tommy told me he had on a Captain America shield shirt.
Then he explained to me why Captain America needed a