Sleeping, Falling, Incoherent – Sunday, March 23, 2014

Erin has pretty much been sleeping round the clock. Yesterday, whenever I checked in on her in the daytime, she was pretty incoherent. Then last night at 11 pm, even though her light was out, she had the TV on. We had been to an 80th birthday party where they had served Indian food. We brought some home to her and she loved it, and had 2nd helpings. She kept raving over how much she loves Indian food. She had barely finished it, when she fell asleep again.

At 4 am she phoned me. She had fallen on the way back to her bed from the bathroom. It took both of us to get her up. Then again at 7:30 am there was another phone call. This time I think she had slid off the edge of the bed.

This afternoon Steve brought Paco to see Erin. (Tommy had a play date.) Erin came out of her grogginess and smiled and enthusicastically talked to Paco. This evening she had some chicken tortilla casserole in her room. She eats one meal a day.

She just phoned at 11:30 pm because she was having difficulty getting out of bed to get to the bathroom in spite of the fact that she now has a pole next to the bed again.


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