Noisy Birthday at Ferrells

Shannon, her kids, Paco, Tommy, and I met at Ferrells ice cream parlor on Sunday evening to exchange Paco after his sleepover. As Barbara mentioned yesterday, Erin wasn’t feeling well enough to join us.

I remember Ferrells from my childhood in Michigan. They had disappeared for a while but recently opened a new location in Sacramento. I may have even been there to celebrate a birthday or two when I was close to Tommy’s age.

Tommy didn’t exactly enjoy the attention and noise, but the ice cream was a hit afterwards.


One thought on “Noisy Birthday at Ferrells

  1. Barbara Chase March 11, 2014 at 08:19 Reply

    Always good to hear from you, Steve. We also have good memories of birthdays and ice cream, songs and hoopla that Farrell’s provided. It started in Portland and then was bought out. Perhaps they are reviving it. Good to hear that Sacramento area has one. We were so disappointed when the great place off the highway (the Nut Tree) turned into a shopping mall. Last time we were in the area we drove around and around to find it and realized that the whole place had changed. Oh, well, there is always the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope they don’t decide to paint it green.

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