Erin Paco Tommy and See’s candy – Mar 8, 2014

Steve brought the boys to see Erin this afternoon. It is Tommy’s 5th
birthday. (He was 4 months old when Erin was diagnosed with the
glioblastoma.) Erin gave Tommy a box of See’s chocolates which
she had picked up about 10 days ago when we were out running errands.

Clark and I were gone to Burlingame for 5 days for a bridge Regional
tournament in Burlingame, near the San Francisco airport. Colleen
covered Erin the first 3 days and Brandon stayed here the past 2 nights.
They tried to take her out for dinner, but she didn’t want to go.

When we arrived home at noon today, Erin immediately mentioned
how much worse her double vision has become. She was quite
incoherent and upset. After a shower, she seemed much better.
She wore a patch to help with the double vision.

When Steve was leaving in the late afternoon, he was meeting Shannon,
and Paco was going to spend the night at her house playing with her
son, Mateo. Steve wanted Erin to go with them and then have
dinner with him and Tommy. We both tried to persuade her to go. But,
she just kept saying, “It is bad”. And she just wanted to go to sleep.

Just now, Steve called again saying Tommy wanted to have dinner
at the nearby Denny’s, and hoped that Erin would join them.
But, once again she said that she was too tired.


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