Erin Clark Wheeler Colleen – Feb 18, 2014

Wheeler had volleyball practice until the time I had to leave for bridge so, at 11 pm
tonight when I got home from bridge, we lit the candles for Wheeler’s 18th birthday.
Wheeler requested carrot cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Yesterday for the holiday, he had friends over to play video games. Colleen mentioned
that what he would really like for his birthday was the old cathode ray tube TV which
he had eyed in my bedroom. One of the games from 2001 is still a tournament game
and needed to be played on an old style TV because with the new HD TVs there is a
second or so delay. He and 2 friends came over and got it, and Wheeler was ecstatic
and the friends very impressed.

We took Erin to Costco today … she loves to shop there. With the concrete floors,
she pumps herself around with her feet and disappears for a while. She is still
complaining that her double vision is worse.


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