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Erin walking – Thurs. Feb. 27, 2014

Erin wanted me to take her photo tonight showing
her walking without cane. We ran errands this
afternoon, and when it was a short walk to the
shop, she walked unaided or pushing her
wheelchair. She was wearing her brace.

Tommy with 0-5 balloons Feb 22, 2014

Shannon had a party for her husband Chris tonight in celebration of
Chris’ big 5-0. It was held at Chris’ favorite Persian restaurant, Shahrzad,
in Rancho Cordova. Both Erin and Steve said that the food was
wonderful. Vivian and family picked up Erin and took her to the
party and Steve and kids brought her home.

When Tommy walked in the door, I asked him if he had been to a
birthday party. He said yes he that he had 0-5 balloons.


Erin appearance – Friday, Feb. 21, 2014

Erin made a 20 minute appearance in the living room about 10 pm this evening, the first time I had seen her all day. She had an early breakfast about 8 am while I was still asleep, then she slept all day. She was very cheerful and after a diet coke, but nothing to eat, she  said she was going back to sleep. The light is out again.

On Wed. my friend Joanne from Lodi came for dinner. At first I thought I was not going to be able to wake Erin up, but after about 15 min she appeared, anxious to see Joanne, and Erin had dinner with us.

It seems as if you now have to cursor down quite a bit to read comments. After 4 1/2+ years with the old format, it is taking some getting used to.



You’re Still in the Right Place

Hi, all. Colleen here, Erin’s sister.

I updated the theme of Erin’s blog today. The one we had been using since the beginning was causing some formatting issues of late, and it was either change it or force my mom to share my limited HTML know-how.

Who knew, when we started this blog years ago, that Erin would actually outlast the design! 

Erin Clark Wheeler Colleen – Feb 18, 2014

Wheeler had volleyball practice until the time I had to leave for bridge so, at 11 pm
tonight when I got home from bridge, we lit the candles for Wheeler’s 18th birthday.
Wheeler requested carrot cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Yesterday for the holiday, he had friends over to play video games. Colleen mentioned
that what he would really like for his birthday was the old cathode ray tube TV which
he had eyed in my bedroom. One of the games from 2001 is still a tournament game
and needed to be played on an old style TV because with the new HD TVs there is a
second or so delay. He and 2 friends came over and got it, and Wheeler was ecstatic
and the friends very impressed.

We took Erin to Costco today … she loves to shop there. With the concrete floors,
she pumps herself around with her feet and disappears for a while. She is still
complaining that her double vision is worse.


Erin Tommy Paco at Dos Coyotes – Sat. Feb. 15, 2014

Steve brought the boys over for lunch and the boys are spending the night. It was hard getting Erin to wake up by noon and she struggled to take a shower.

Brandon and Beck came over about 1, but didn’t stay long because Beck and Tommy were fighting. While they were here, Erin could hardly stay awake and went back to bed.

Tommy spent the afternoon playing with blocks, making Megazords, and he and I did a floor puzzle. Paco was Skyping with his friends in Davis.

When I woke up Erin at 6 pm, she was much more alert and didn’t remember that the boys were here or that Brandon had come by. She is having trouble with double vision. We went out to dinner to Dos Coyotes. Now Tommy is back making megazords and explaining what he doing with nonstop talk. Paco is Skyping. Both are eating Valentine cookies.


Erin and Valentine Cookies – Fri. Feb. 14, 2014

Erin received a box of Cheryl’s Valentine cookies from college friends of mine. They are individually packed, and so delicious and creamy. Tommy kept telling me he was hungry today, meaning he wanted a cookie.


Paco Erin leaving for breakfast – Sun. Feb. 9, 2014

Erin went out for breakfast today with Steve and the boys. Paco
waited chivalrously to close the car door for his Mom.

Erin is on a Mexican food kick, so she had huevos ranchero at Mel’s diner. She wore her new brace for 2 hours.


Tommy and Paco and Legos – Sun. Feb. 9, 2014

About 5 minutes before they had to leave, Tommy decided to add legos
to his block building.

Erin Walking – Feb. 8, 2014

Erin tried her new brace today for the first time. She wore it for an hour and is supposed to increase 1 hour per day.

She has been fighting a respiratory infection all week, so has pretty much slept round the clock. She is feeling much better today.  (I clicked on the arrow about 7 or 8 times, before the movie worked.)