Mold for Brace – Friday, Jan. 17, 2014

Larry, the othotic specialist, made a mold for the permanent brace today. First, he put a strip of vinyl down the length of Erin’s shin bone. Then he put on a cast similar to the ones she has been wearing.  The cast set up right away and he then took an exacto knife and cut down the length of the cast over the shin bone. He opened up the cast and removed it. It will be used as the mold for the plastic brace he will make, which will be ready in 2 weeks.

This is quite different from the leather brace that I wore 50 + years ago after breaking my tibia and fibula. Erin asked Larry how long he had been doing this. He said that it will soon be 40 years. He started out doing nothing but sewing leather. But, he said the biggest innovation has been the use of velcro. They used to have to use leather straps and buckles.

Somehow the subject of leap year came up and it turns out that Larry and Paco share a Feb. 29th birthday.


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