Another Serial Cast – Thurs. Jan 9, 2014

This afternoon I took Erin for what we thought was going to be a measuring appointment for the permanent brace. But, Larry, the orthotic specialist, felt that one more serial cast would be profitable, and that as long as they had gone this far, they may as well do one more. The foot was not quite perpendicular to the leg.

He and his assisitant both applied pressure to get the foot up as they cast it. (See photo below.) Erin told them it wasn’t in quite the right position!  Larry said they had it right where they wanted it, and he kidded Erin and asked her if her name was the name of his wife.

After the casting, we went to the Citrus Heights Costco. Erin had 4 or 5 items in the basket before I had even one. She does love to shop. She got into a conversation with one of the demonstrators handing out samples. (See photo below.)


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