Erin Walking Everywhere – Jan. 8, 2014

Clark, Erin, and I went to breakfast at Denny’s to get out of the house for the cleaning ladies. Clark parked in the handicap spot which is not at the entrance thinking that Erin would use the wheelchair. But, she wanted to walk with her cane, so he reparked at a spot right near the entrance. .. see photo below.

From there we went to Rite Aid and Erin took a cart, put her cane in it, and walked all around the store pushing the cart. As we were leaving, she excitedly said that she had never done that before. That is when Clark took the other photo below.

Later in the afternoon Erin and I both had appointments for our cell phones at the Apple store. Erin’s screen looked like it had water damage. But, when they opened the phone up, they couldn’t find any evidence of water. They said they had to replace the screen and to come back in 45 minutes.  When we went back, we waited a while longer, then they said they had tried it twice and were unable to fix it, so they gave her a new phone!  


2 thoughts on “Erin Walking Everywhere – Jan. 8, 2014

  1. Joan January 9, 2014 at 10:28 Reply

    Erin is the 5th person that has said that they can walk much farther with a shopping cart than with a cane or a walker. Ralph can walk all over Costco or home Depot with a shopping cart, but has trouble walking even a block with a walker.

    Aunt Joan

  2. Barbara Chase January 9, 2014 at 12:27 Reply

    Double good news. Erin is walking around more and she received a new phone. Hurray!!

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