Erin at Guadalajara in Davis – Mon. Dec. 16, 2013

Erin called last night to see if I would pick her up today around noon. She
thought that she would be too tired to go early with Cindy.

She is recuperating from a big trip to San Francisco on Sat. For years she
and her friends would have a shopping day in Dec. in SF. This year Aletha,
Anissa, and Anissa’s friend did the shopping, and then Shannon, Vivian,
and Erin joined them for dinner.

They went to a French restaurant Erin said was wonderful, but she couldn’t
remember the name of it. (Maybe Shan or Vivian could fill it in.) Erin said the
waiters were very solicitous for her, helping her as she walked to the
bathroom, and downstairs to the restaurant.

Today Erin walked from the house, through the garage, and to the car using
her cane. And again walked from the parking lot to the Guadalajara
restaurant in Davis where we had lunch today.

We came home to Sacramento and napped …. i outnapping Erin…am
fighting a cold.


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