Erin and foot cast- Tues. Dec 10, 2013

Today I took Erin to Integral Medical in Carmichael to have Larry,
the orthotic specialist, put a plaster cast on Erin’s right foot.
We first stopped at Denny’s and had lunch with Clark.

We were in the waiting room less than a minute, when she got
called in for the cast. Larry and an assistant dressed in scrubs,
who said he had majored in biomedics, wound the cast on in less
than 10 minutes, They said to use an old slipper or buy a cheap
shoe at Target or Big 5, to protect the toes.

Erin said she wanted something sweet, so I suggested the
new Farrell’s ice cream parlor on Watt Ave near Arden. It is
right across Watt from Arden Middle School where Erin
attended 7th and 8th grades. When she ordered, she changed
her mind and had tacos which she thought were delicious.

Big 5 backs up to Farrell’s, so we went there to look for a
shoe to go over the cast. A men’s size 13 WW wouldn’t go
over the cast. Another clerk suggested going to Bischoff’s
Medical Supply on Alta Arden and get a post-op shoe. It
worked great and Erin will probably be able to get it on and
off by herself.

Erin came home exhausted after getting in and out of the
car 6 times.


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