Erin bundled up – Mon. Dec. 9, 2013

Here is Erin bundled up with a wool scarf and her warmest jacket,
sitting in the outdoor eating area at Costco. We have had overnight
temperatures in the high 20’s and highs in the 40s. Normals are
a low of 41 and high of 56. Of course, these are high compared to
the 20s and 30s which Steve encountered in Traverse City, MI
last week.

Erin has an appt with Larry, the orthotic fitter tomorrow, Tuesday.
He is not there on Mondays. Cindy does not work on Tuesdays,
so she brought Erin over to Sacramento this morning and Erin
will go back to Davis with Cindy Wed. evening.

When Erin called Cindy yesterday, to confirm the arrangements,
Cindy mentioned that she was going to her mother’s in Novato,
where she had left her purse the day before. Erin asked if she
could go with her. So, they had a nice 3 hour round trip to Novato
in Marin County yesterday.

This was after Cindy had done a partial run in the California
International Marathon yesterday morning. The run is from
Folsom Dam to downtown Sacramento. Shannon and husband
Chris also took shifts of running in it. The front page of the paper
states how cold the run was this year.


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