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Patricia Clark Erin – Dec. 30, 2013

Erin went over to Colleen’s for about 3 hours this evening and had pizza and hung out
with Paco and Deke and his boys.When Erin came home, Clark, Patricia and I were in

the midst of going over the hand

records of today’s disastrous bridge game. Patricia and I came in 11th of out of the
11 East-West pairs. Erin is posing with the hand records on the table. She has a
hard time getting a word in edgewise when the 3 of us are discussing bridge hands.


Erin & Patricia listening to Clark – Dec. 29, 2013

Erin looks like she thinks Clark is full of hooey. Patricia looks more amused. My sister
Patricia arrived today from Denver. We are headed to a bridge tournament in Monterey.

Erin slept all day. She was rather depressed. I woke her up at 5 pm because we were

all going to a gathering at 6 pm at Colleen’s 2 doors away. Erin said that she didn’t
want to go; she was too sad.

Clark, Patricia, and I got home from Colleen’s about 9 pm and were chatting in the

kitchen when Erin came walking out pushing her wheelchair. She had been talking

vibrantly with us for over an hour when there was a knock on the door. It was Colleen
inviting Erin to come to her house where Paco is spending the night.

Deke and his boys Max 13, and Sam 11, are visiting from Boulder, so Colleen invited
Paco 9, to spend the night. Colleen said that they had set up a tent in the living room
and Deke, Wheeler, Paco, Max, and Sam were all under the tent playing a game.
Erin quickly grabbed some shoes and was off with Colleen.

Erin demolished that 1/2 pint of blackberries all by herself.


Erin at Cheesecake Factory – Dec. 26, 2013

Erin had an appt today with the orthotic specialist. He pushed against the bottom
of her foot and it wasn’t quite at right angles to her leg, so he put on a 3rd cast.
Then in 2 weeks she has an appt when they will take measurements and a mold
for the permanent brace.

Afterwards, we went for an early dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Arden Fair.
Erin told me she wanted to have the 4 letter word beginning with c which we
both love. ….. crab. She loves their crab sandwich. She was disappointed
that it wasn’t on the menu. But, the waitress said that they still serve it, you just
have to ask for it. And ask she did. She also ordered a kale salad, most of
which we brought home. The crab patty was about as big as a 6 oz burger.

Before we left we got a slice of peppermint cheesecake to bring home.


Erin & Louisa – Christmas 2013

15 of us assembled today for opening stockings (Erin won’t let us give it up) and
gift exchange, followed by brunch. Clark and I, Colleen, Brandon, Erin and families
were joined by Steve’s folks (Mike and Judy), the au pair Louisa, and my brother Bob.

After getting all sorts of new toys, Tommy and Beckett began playing with the 40
year old Fisher-Price toys that I have stored under the desk in the dining area,
and were too busy playing to join us for brunch.

In Germany Louisa’s family opens presents on Christmas Eve and then eats all
day on Christmas Day, so opening gifts Christmas morning was different for her,
though the family that she was with last year in NY did the same.

Merry Christmas to all!


Christmas Eve at Brandon and LIsa’s – Dec. 24, 2013

Brandon and Lisa had their annual Christmas Eve hardy hors d’ouevres and white elephant gift exchange tonight. Unexpectedly, Erin decided not to come. She hasn’t made it for the past 2 or 3 years, but I thought that she might tonight. So, she stayed alone at home in Davis. Louisa had been out with a friend in Davis, but made it in time for the gift exchange. Lisa’s 2 cousins and their 3 young children were there, so it was fun for Paco and Tommy.

The white elephant exchange seemed livelier than usual. Paco had picked #2 of 18, and Tommy had picked #18. So, shrewd Paco managed to trade with Tommy, and go home with a desireable toy.

See pictures below.



Penguins – Christmas Eve-2013

Colleen provided an entertaining hors d’ouevre: Penguins made from olives,

cream cheese, and carrots.


Beardless Steve- Christmas Eve 2013

Here is clean shaven Steve.