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Thanksgiving with Abu and Aba

Tommy & Beck washing Steve’s Car – Nov. 23, 2013

Brandon and Beck went down to Davis yesterday to see Erin and family.
When I asked how Erin was, Brandon said that he didn’t get much chance
to talk to her because 4-year-old Beck and 4 1/2-year-old Tommy were
yelling at each other all the time.

Later Brandon sent this photo, saying: “Here is a cute picture of Tommy
and Beckett helping Steve wash the car yesterday (it was one of the few
moments they were getting along).”


Oncology Appt – Nov. 18, 2013

Cindy brought Erin to Sacramento this morning. They were about a half hour late because they were stuck in traffic on Eastbound Hwy 80.  A Vacaville Corrrectional Facities fire truck was on its way to Sacramento for repairs when it blew a tire on the Yolo Causeway and went through the barbed wire on the right hand shoulder, landing in a drainage ditch. The cabin was crushed, but the driver had minimum injuries. It took several hours for 2 tow trucks to pull the fire truck out of the ditch.

At the Oncology appt this afternoon, the Clinical Assistant, Quinn, who not had seen Erin in 6 months, was stunned by how well Erin spoke. She said that a year ago Erin was having so much difficulty. Erin took all of her medications with her today, and Dr. Adams looked through them, and said that he would love to see Erin get off of the narcotic pain killer. She will have pain during the tapering off process, but it is doable. Dr. Adams was impressed with how well Erin walked with her temporary brace. She took about 8 steps without any aid. He expects her to have a long life.

On the way home we stopped at The Fresh Market which took over the space on Fair Oaks Blvd., formerly occupied by Border’s Book  Store. The Fresh Market is sort of an upscale grocery store. I needed milk and theirs is $1.49 a quart compaired to Save Mart which is $1.69 and Safeway which is $1.99. We of course, found other items to buy and try. Just as we were putting our purchases out for an early dinner, Steve called. He was in Sacramento and said that he could pick up Erin which allowed Cindy to work a little later.

Steve had been in Traverse City, MI, where the 34 degree temperature greeted him. By contrast, it was 54 degrees in Sacramento today.


Both Therapies – Nov. 15, 2013

Erin arrived this morning (thanks to Cindy) very upbeat and talkative. We went to a late morning appt with the Physical Therapist who thought that Erin was walking much steadier. She suggested that Erin practice walking around the house for a half hour a day using a single pronged cane, saving the 4-pronged cane for outside. 

She also had an appt in the early afternoon with the Speech Therapist. Erin seemed pleased with that, too, though I couldn’t understand Erin’s explanantion of what he had her do for word finding.




It was my out at V. And we had the so so good.

The side: there are two V.

There is Vivian and she is wonderful but the person is Davis other V. She is also very sweet. I am very very.

The sisters at Roxy – Nov. 11, 2013

Colleen breezed in from Boulder for a week, and Erin breezed in from Davis for the

day, so Clark and I had lunch with them at Roxy. The restaurant was very crowded

and noisy, I guess because of the holiday.

Erin is still wearing the temporary brace on her right leg. She says she can now put

it on by herself. Previously, she needed help. If Steve wasn’t available, then Paco

helped her. I am hoping that when she sees the physical therapist on Friday, the

therapist will authorize the series of plaster casts which the orthotic man suggested.


Walking with Brace and Cane – Nov. 4, 2013

Erin and Steve dropped by today and ate their Davis deli purchased sandwiches here.  Erin walked in from the driveway to the kitchen, the length of the house, wearing her temporary brace and using a 4-pronged cane. She has not heard from the fitter at Integral Othotics and Prosthetics. He was supposed to get approval from the Physical Therapist to make a series of plaster casts before making a permanent brace. 

Erin walked slowly, but steadily. She seemed a little tired.


Glioblastoma and Cidofovir – Nov. 2, 2013

My good college friend Barbara Evans, just wrote me about an article that she saw in the San Francisco Chronicle this week.  I found the following in SF Gate, the electronic version of the Chronicle:

New potential treatment for glioblastoma

“Scientists at California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute and UCSF discovered a potential treatment for glioblastoma, an aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer.

The treatment relies on an already-approved antiviral drug, called cidofovir, an injectable medication used to treat a viral eye infection called cytomegalovirus retinitis.

The researchers behind the new discovery previously had demonstrated that human cytomegalovirus retinitis is linked to the development of glioblastoma in that the virus may reside in the brain’s stem cells before they become malignant. The virus is found in 90 percent of primary brain tumors.

In their experiments, the scientists used cidofovir to treat human brain tumor cells as well as brain tumors in mice generated from human tumor cells. The cells died and tumor development in the mice was delayed. Survival rate in the mice was significantly increased compared with untreated animals.

Glioblastoma, also called glioblastoma multiforme, is relatively rare but still the most common primary brain tumor. Just two or three people are diagnosed with the disease for every 100,000 people in North America. Most people live about 15 months after being diagnosed.

A clinical trial using cidofovir for glioblastoma patients is expected to begin next year.

The study was published Tuesday (Oct. 29, 2013) in the medical journal Clinical Cancer Research.”

It is all pretty amazing.


What I Was Thing

P is amazing. This is was thing of.

2 years he was very difficult. He was fight, with every one. He would throw something at every thing. When I left home to my mother, this was a mistake. But really, only a few peoples before I was survive. The survive is very, very small. With be is even small, because it is around 200in the US.

Most people thought I was going. I was bad.

And P. was mad.

I have no idea I am better. But P. was not so well. T. was fine. He has know me as wheelchair. I was not weird to T. But P. he was ok.

This woman from Kaiser has been at amazing. From me it is extradited.

Tonight, late, he talk that he want to hold be me as can. He wanted to be with me, he want he can hug as much as he can.

He did not seemed nor sad. He just said we would get love as much that we can. Wether is today or a year or years. He was called and full loving.

He is so strong.