Erin’s Here – Oct. 23, 2013

Erin stayed with us last night because she, Clark, and I were planning to go the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in downtown Sacramento this morning for the 10 am funeral mass for Fr. Jack Folmer. Erin and I first met Fr. Jack at the Newman Center. And he had graciously agreed to assist at Erin and Steve’s wedding under a white canopy in Land Park 12 years ago last May.

But, this morning when I went to check that she was up at 8 am, I found her on the floor and in tears. After she calmed down, she tried to get up, but with just one useful arm, she was having a hard time. Eventually, I called Clark and we got her up. But, she was so upset and tired, she said that she didn’t think she wanted to go to the funeral, so we scratched that plan. She went back to bed and slept solidly until I woke her up at 2:30 pm.  I had a tough time getting her to wake up between tears.

She had a 3:30 pm appointment to be measured for a brace for her right leg. Erin told me that it was somewhere out on Marconi in Carmichael, but Steve told me it was at Hanger’s Medical in midtown.  When we got to Hanger’s, after a 10 minute wait, they wanted to know why they were there. They checked with Kaiser and found out that our appt was at Integral Medical, a 45 minute drive to Manzanita and Coyle in Carmichael. Erin had received an email from the Physical Therapist, but had not followed through on the details. We have rescheduled the appt for next Tuesday.

Steve, the boys, and Louisa (the au pair) went to Apple Hill above Placerville, this afternoon. I was delighted to talk to Louisa on the phone and pleased that she was back from Germany. She had been gone for 10 days for a quick visit with her family in Aucken, Germany. After their visit to Apple Hill, they stopped by here and left some apples. Clark and I missed them because we had a long standing agreement to play on a team at the bridge club in Shingle Springs tonight. Erin and I texted back and forth a few times, but she was sound asleep when we got home. She is staying over here for a couple of nights because she has  Speech and Physical Therapy appointments on Friday here in Sacramento.


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