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The bold

I made Steve this.

I tried about P, and someways I lost it! I will write more later.

Thank good the system corrode me.
Wither I word do not to do much.

Sorry, it is late so it much be wrong!!

The 2

The first

Shannon Erin – Oct. 30, 2013

Shannon and Erin went to lunch today at Roxy restaurant having turkey burgers. They

ran some errands afterwards. Thanks to Shannon’s Mom for picking up Shannon’s

children after school, the first time at their new school in Folsom where they moved

last June.

Steve texted Erin about 5:30 pm saying that everyone was too tired to go to the

beach on the way home from Disneyland, so they were already home in Davis having

made it in 6 hours from Anaheim.

On her way home from work, Cindy just came about 7 pm and picked up Erin and

they are off to Davis.


Brace; Revisiting Carmichael – Oct. 29, 2013

Around 10 am this morning, I heard lots of chatter in the kitchen. I found Colleen, Erin, and Clark all having omelets cooked by Clark and one waiting for me. He is so good about making sure that Erin is waited on.

This afternoon Erin and I drove way out to Coyle and Manzanita for her appt to be measured for a brace for her right leg. She loved seeing our old stomping ground. We lived in near in Carmichael in 2 different houses for 24 years before moving to Campus Commons 24 years ago … the longest I have lived anywhere.  It was sort of sad to see that the brand new Thrifty drug store of the 70s is now a thrift store. The Burger King which we toured when it was new in the 70s has shut its doors and the buidling stands empty. The Lucky store where we grocery shopped is now a 99 cent store. The Crestview Bowling Alley is all boarded up. We had time before the appt so Erin enjoyed shopping at Raley’s grocery store.

We went to Integral Medical for the brace appt. The fitter gave her a temporary brace to wear. He is going to talk to the physical therapist because he would like to make a series of plaster casts which he would change weekly for about 4 weeks to try to stretch out some muscle so that Erin doesn’t thump when she walks. Then he would make a permanent brace. We understand now why the therapist sent us there even though it is a much longer trip for us than other medical supply places. Erin felt quite exhilerated by the feeling of walking with the brace.

She talked to Steve tonight. Because of no lines at Disneyland, Paco rode his favorite ride 4 times today. I think they are heading toward the coast tomorrow to show Louisa the Pacific Ocean on the way home.


Paco & Tommy – Oct. 28, 2013

Steve says that there have been no lines at Disneyland. They have gone on all the major rides they wanted to go on.

Steve and my niece Nora were texting back and forth, but were always on opposite sides of the park. Then, a little later Steve saw them walking right by where he was. So, after a few more rides they met for lunch. Happy big Birthday, niece Ginny!

Tommy studying the map – Oct 28, 2013

Tommy loves the Cars, so they will take another ride there tomorrow.