Paco Lauren Julia Rachel Tommy Sept 28, 2013

I am spending the night in Davis. Steve is at a car meeting in Las Vegas.

It normally takes about 29 min to go from Sacramento to Davis. This morning it took an hour and 15 min because 2 of 3 lanes were closed for road work.

I thought that Louisa was leaving for Tahoe at 10, so had planned to get here a half hour before she left.
But, her Tahoe plans got cancelled for the 2nd time. How disappointing for her.

Brandon and Beck showed up about 45 min after I did. They had taken a detour through Woodland so it only took them 45 min to get to Davis.

Erin asked me to bring butter cookie dough and frosting. Tommy and Beck were too busy running around , but Paco enjoyed rolling out the dough and cutting out cookies.

About 3 :30 Cindy’s husband Dave picked up Paco and Tommy and they went to Lauren’s soccer game and to the park.

While they were gone, Erin and i got a nice visit from Colleen whom I had not seen since her return from Spain last Sunday. She brought food over twice during the week, but I missed her both times.

Cindy and Dave picked up Papa Murphy’s pizza and dropped the boys and their 3 girls off for dinner while they went out for dinner to celebrate their 14 th anniversary.

After pizza, the kids watched a movie and all was very quiet. They ended the evening with ice cream.


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